Recap: LOL, Canes roll Savannah State 77-7

Recap: LOL, Canes roll Savannah State 77-7

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Your money is on the dresser Savannah State. Thanks for the good time.


UM set a school record for points in a game tonight. It broke the old record that has stood since 1954, when UM hung 75 on Fordham. It was just the 3rd time UM ever scored more than 70 points. The 637 yards of offense was the 3rd most yards Miami has ever produced in a game, behind only the 1998 (689) and 1984 (655) meetings with UCLA. Miami AVERAGED 91.5 yards per kick-off return. Sure there were only 2, but that's pretty lulzworthy to me.

The only concern about the game was when Morris went down with an apparent ankle injury. Golden said Morris was "fine" in the post game press conference, and that X-Rays were negative. He'll probably play next week.



Here's what I said were the main story lines in the game day post:

1. How many touchdowns will we score?


It was pretty funny. SSU wouldn't agree to a running clock but they did agree to a 12 minute 4th quarter. know...we wouldn't want to get embarrassed out there or anything.

2. How many plays will the freshmen make?


Okay maybe not all, but we got a pretty good look at guys like Coley and Edwards as they put on a show when given the opportunity. Quan Muhammed had a couple of sacks. Figatron was active. Gall was wrecking **** in the 2nd half. Jermaine Grace literally threw their QB out of bounds. Dwayne Hoilett forced an interception after hitting their QB. It was comical. Basically, everything that you want to see from the young pups in a game like this is what you saw.

3. How many plays will the walk-ons make?


They did all right. Garrett Kidd had a nice catch to set up 4th and goal that Gus Edwards punched in on the next play. Guys like De'Andre Johnson and Sean Harvey played a lot in the 4th quarter too. We had a total of 81 players see the field last night.

4. Can we avoid significant injuries in this glorified scrimmage?


It was scary stuff for a while. First Herb Waters came up gimpy after getting tackled on a WR screen. Then Morris got hit low after scrambling and throwing the ball away. Then Duke was slow to get up. After that, Coley was limping after a punt return. Pretty bizarre. The Morris injury is the only one worth worrying about as everyone was fine and jumping around the rest of the night. It's being treated as a sprain.

Lets Recap.

1st Quarter:

UM received to start the game. Duke wastes no time and takes it 95 yards down to the 4. Dallas Crawford ran it in for the touchdown on the next play. 25 seconds into the game and already it's 7-0 UM.

SSU sucks and is quickly in a 3rd and long situation. Quan Muhammed steps up and gets his 1st career sack to force a 3 and out.


On the next possession Morris goes deep to Allen Hurns for an 80 yard bomb.


14-0 UM. The play moved Morris to #10 all-time on UM's passing list, jumping ahead of Jim Kelly.

Quan gets his 2nd career sack on SSU's next possession to force another 3 and out.


On UM's next possession the injuries start happening. Morris hits Waters for an 8 yard gain on a screen and Waters limps off the field. 3 plays later Morris is getting chased around by some guy, and gets hit in the legs after throwing the ball out of bounds. He was very slow to get up. Our season is laying on the ground and it wasn't looking good. He eventually limped off the field in obvious pain.



Williams comes in and doesn't miss a beat. First he finds Hurns for a 20 yard gain, and then he hits Walford for a gain of 36 yards down the sideline. On the very next play Williams goes to Walford again on a bootleg for an additional 14 yards and we're in the redzone. Duke Scores 3 plays later to make it 21-0 UM.


On the ensuing kickoff Ladarius Gunter helicopters some guy with a ferocious hit

SSU starts trying to move the ball and gets across the 50 yard line. McCord drops into coverage and tips a pass that Gunter picks off for his 1st interception of the year. Duke takes the next play 43 yards and puts Miami in the redzone. The quarter ends with UM still leading 21-0.

2nd Quarter:

After a short pass to Dorsett, some SSU players start trying to get in people's faces. Whatever. Ryan Williams finds Dallas Crawford sneaking out of the backfield for another TD. 28-0 UM.

After the kickoff, the UM band starts playing the Game of Thrones theme song.


It was the highlight of the night for me.

After forcing another 3 and out, Williams hits Waters over the middle on a crossing route for a 27 yard gain. Waters' ankle looks fine now. A couple of plays later Williams throws a WR screen to Coley. He bobbled it at first, but then secured and housed it for a 25 yard touchdown to push the lead to 35-0.


The best part about the play was Ereck Flowers' little jumping celly behind the play.


Another 3 and out by SSU and Coley is now returning punts. He has a pretty decent return, but his best special teams play is yet to come. Miami quickly moves down the field and Crawford eventually scores from 16 yards out to make it 42-0.

Another 3 and out by SSU and now the parade of backups begins. Alex Gall at guard, Hunter Wells at center, and Taylor Gadbois at right tackle. Standish Dobard, Beau Sandland, and Augustus Edwards get in on this drive as well. Sandland has 2 receptions and even bigger YAC on those plays. He's just running through people. Gus rumbles down the sideline for a 21 yard gain to the 1 yard line, and punches it in on the next play to make it 49-0.

SSU is trying to move the ball before the end of the 1st half and launches a deep ball. AJ Highsmith is there for his 1st pick of the season and returns it to midfield. Gray Crow is now in the game and is just handing it off to Clements on every play. They get to the redzone and time runs out to end the half with UM leading 49-0.

3rd Quarter:

SSU receives to start the 2nd half, but quickly go 3 and out again because Ufomba Kamalu, Figatron, and Corn The Elder are making plays. Crow is still in at QB and remains there the rest of the game. He's handing off to Clements and Edwards on every play and they're picking up at least 5 yards every play. Then Crow goes play action and hits Sandland for a 13 yard touchdown, the 1st for each of them in a Miami uniform. 56-0 Miami.

After another SSU 3 and out Miami goes back on offense. This whole drive is more stretch running plays with Clements and Edwards, with play action passes to Sandland off of them. After getting 1st and goal, penalties push Miami back outside of the 20. Passes to Dobard and Kidd get Miami back inside the 5 yard line. Golden goes for it on 4th down and Edwards stretches for the touchdown to make it 63-0.


On the 1st play of SSU's next possession, Miami is running guys on late and none of them look like they know what they're doing. Most of them were freshmen so it's whatever. But in the confusion SSU snaps the ball before some of the Miami defenders were even lined up and some guy ran 75 yards untouched down the sideline for the touchdown to make it 63-7. Before you could even get mad, Stacey Coley returned the ensuing kickoff 88 yards to make it 70-7.


On SSU's next possession, McCord got his 1st career pick. It leads to another Gus Edwards touchdown to make it 77-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

4th Quarter:

At the open of the final frame, the head referee announces that the coaches have agreed to play a 12 minute quarter...OK. The QB for SSU tries to scramble and gets violently shoved out of bounds by Grace. Pretty funny to watch. Two plays later Hoilett comes off the edge and drills the QB just as he releases the ball and Earl Moore is there for the pick.

UM eats up 8 minutes of clock by just handing off to De'Andre Johnson (former Iowa and Miami Pace RB) and Jameson Labady, 2 walk-on running backs. It gets to 4th and goal and UM goes for it and fails. SSU runs out the remaining 2 minutes of the shortened quarter to end the game 77-7.


We're 3-0 for the first time since 2004. Miami's defense has 11 sacks through 3 games. They only had 13 all season last year. USF is next week. USF sucks. Hopefully Morris is healthy enough to play.


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The sacks and turnovers allow me to sleep after games this season. Fellas are producing like a Miami defense is supposed to. Namaste.
LMFAO at Flowers on that play. And the game of thrones theme.
Game balls for Sav St

Some Guy
Another guy
Some other guy
Good write-up. Better than those other media places, thanks. Wanted shutout bad, but the performances by backups and new faces more than makes up for it. Gotta love Williams' first real work. Hope my fellow Spartan Morris is fine, but comfortable with Williams for USF.

Is it just me or does Fig put a lick on someone every time he sees the field? And Grace looked a lot bigger than I expected. After a another year of Al's bigger and better program he is going to be beast. Lets see some of Gus at fullback with Duke on field. We used to run the FB a lot in the day, why not bring some of that back. Will anyone be looking at The Bus on a counter when Duke moves out for fake stretch play? A couple 20 yard counters and even sec d's will not be able to have 4 guys waiting for Duke at the edge.