Ray Lewis III- A closer look

Ray Lewis III- A closer look

Ray Lewis III RB/LB
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5-9, 175 lbs
2,321 yards and 29 touchdowns on offense
92 tackles and one sack on Defense
4.5-4.7 Forty

Today the Son of one of the greatest players to ever play at The U and future NFL HOF gave his pledge to Coach Golden. Although his commitment may not have been the commit many were hoping for, it is the commit that we needed in many ways. Having Ray Lewis back on our sidelines and around the program where our current players can see the passion he has for the program first hand will be invaluable. Let's take a closer look at this commitment.

Positives- He's the son of Miami Hurricane Great Ray Lewis. That in itself is enough to make the ears perk up. You know the kid is going to have an incredible work ethic which is a staple of the players that Coach Golden likes. Also, stats don't lie. When you put up over two thousand yards and score 29 Touchdowns on offense and over ninety tackles on defense.....Kid can play here. Deceptively quick, great balance control, excellent cut back ability and because of who his father is, you know he doesn't take plays off.

Concerns- What position will he play? He doesn't have the speed you look for in a smallish Running Back and he's doesn't have the size to play Line Backer. I've seen his forty time posted on different sites from 4.5-4.7. If it's the 4.5 then great. That's fast enough to play RB here, but if it's the 4.7 then likely not and when you consider that the staff wants their second back in this class to be of the elite version, it's likely they didn't recruit him to play running back. Also, let's be real.....there will be some who question this commitment. In a year where 'ships are limited, why not have him come in as a preferred walk on and have his pops pay his way?

- Well to answer the last question.....it's simple, he's the son of Ray Lewis and he's talented enough to play here. You take his commitment, smile and say Welcome to The U. His stats are against decent competition and something that we he brings and what Coach Golden desperately wants on this squad.....work ethic.


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One thing about this kid is that his dad came to Miami seriously undersized and grew a ton while at Miami.

I do wonder why Ray doesn't redirect his annual gift to the athletic department over to his son's tuition so that we can have another scholarship player. It would make sense, and I'm sure that Ray donates more than tuition costs every year.
great post Los

all i see is positives in this kid
I saw on some other board that this kid ran a 4.9 at a combine and measured in at 5'8 1/2.
I saw on some other board that this kid ran a 4.9 at a combine and measured in at 5'8 1/2.

Yeah......thats the strange thing about sites... his forty time, weight and height are different on all sites.
It ain't the size of the dog in a fight - it's the size of the fight in the dog.

I think we've had all the 'perfect athlete' in terms of size, weight, and speed who couldn't do siht, that we can stand.

He'll have the work ethic, and simply because he's Ray's son, he'll play his heart out.

Of any recruit of 2012 or 2013, Ray is the LEAST one I'm concerned with.
Great post as always, bro. Right on the money. Wish the guys who just left the U, (except Mr. Spence, who always fought like a tiger), had the work ethic, heart and football acumen that Ray Ray possesses. It's all about the U!!!
once i seen that run he went 95 yds on i was impressed, he is a Edgerrin James patient runner. Every back is different and he has vision and cut well. I taught alot of running backs and he is nice. People be critical on these kids but judging on the fact that i palyed rb and coached Sony from 8yrs old and Ray Lewis will be a RB that play.