Quarterback Offer Rewind: Cade Weldon

Quarterback Offer Rewind: Cade Weldon

Roman Marciante
Before flying through the smoke in Orange and Green, Cade Weldon was piloting Jefferson High School in Tampa, Florida. The son of FSU former Heisman runner up Casey Weldon, Cade ultimately is the second Weldon Mark Richt has coached. InSight takes off and locks onto another edition of Quarterback Offer Rewind. This time we got tone on Cade Weldon.

Cade Weldon Senior Highlights

Footwork/Rhythm: Very good footwork and exceptional rhythm at the high school level. High coaching pedigree is evidently clear throughout the film here. Seldom will Weldon hit his back step and not deliver the ball on time. Very good reset and gather aspects and understands the relationship between his footwork timing and his receiver's routes. Weldon is a very in tune rhythmic entity.

Accuracy/Arm Strength/Mechanics: Short rotational "C" thrower who gets to "Zero" really quickly. Very close in line to a Danny Wuerffel-esque thrower who forsakes power for quickness. See some concerns with arm strength on intermediate out routes and will not classify Weldon as an over the top power thrower. Note receivers slowing down at the apex of some deeper routes. Does however show some middle of the field zip. Weldon was noted slightly below a 2/1 TD to interception ratio in high school. (39 TD's 20 Int's)

Mobility: Very underrated aspect of Weldon's game. Amassed 756 yards and 15 touchdowns in essentially two seasons of work. (Injured his Junior year) Weldon is a very tough runner who uses his 6'3" 200 plus pound frame to extend the play. Type of hard nose runner who could inspire a team and extend the chains. A definite plug and play candidate for quarterback power concepts. Shows ability to extend the play outside the pocket as well.

Roman Rank: I like Weldon. I really do. I firmly believe if it wasn't for his season ending injury his junior year, he would have been a much more heralded prospect coming out of high school. His rhythm at the quarterback position is superb. He diagnoses the field and knows exactly where the ball is going and when it should come out.

Pedigree shouldn't be overlooked here. Having a dad who played at the NFL level obviously payed dividends in Weldon's development. You see field reading genes and inherent next level skills including shoulder manipulation passed down. While true Weldon isn't blowing you away with arm strength, he more than makes up for it with his decision making and quick fire passing.

Ultimately Weldon's toughness is the clincher for me. He is a tough nosed kid who is not afraid once he enters into run mode. Now a head coach might cringe at the thought of his quarterback plowing ahead for extra yardage but teammates would be inspired. Weldon ultimately is beyond a sleeper and is deserving to be in conversation at the main QB table. Roman Rank: 4.0 stars.

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