Pro Comparisons: DT

Pro Comparisons: DT

Tito Benach
Since it's the off-season, now would be a good time to debut a project I've been working on for a while. Here are some comparisons between Miami skill-position recruits and current NFL players based on skillset and physical gifts. This doesn't mean the recruits will turn out as good as these guys, but it is just a comparison of styles.


Travonte Valentine: Marcel Dareus

I like this comparison because both of these guys displays their atheltic ability as DT’s. The first thing that jumps at you when you see Valentine is his size. A legit 6’4 300 pounds with tremendous strength. Valentine also displays good technique and combines it with his strength is nearly unstoppable. Valentine like Dareus, could use more time on the field but once his conditioning can improve, this kid is going to be an absolute nightmare for any offensive linemen.

Valentine:6'4 310
Dareus: 6'4 280

Valentine Highlights:
(Skip the two minute atrocity at the beginning of the video)
Dareus Highlights:

Dalvon Stuckey: Ryan Pickett

These guys are basic “Space Eaters”. All they do is draw double teams and take up large gaps directly in the hole and swallow running backs. When looking at Stuckey’s tape you notice he is a pure run stuffer, and not much of a pass rusher. Similar to Pickett, Stuckey isn’t much of a pass rusher due to only having a Bull-Rush technique.

Stuckey: 6'2 310

Pickett: 6'2 300

Stuckey Highlight:

Courtel Jenkins: Brandon Mebane

After watching this guy’s tape I’m really beginning to believe that he can really contribute early here. Jenkins is a monster physically and is always involved in the runs plays up the middle. He finds a way by out working his blocker. He stands around 6-2 310, but uses that weight to stuff the run at every opportunity. Like Mebane, Jenkins relies mostly on his strength. Mebane was going to be the starter for the Seahawks DT spot this year until he hurt his calf.

Jenkins: 6'1 310

Mebane: 6'2 308

Jenkins Highlights:

Khairi Clark: Jurell Casey

Size and aggresive play is what makes me believe these two are similar. They both play with a very high motor and make their names known in the opposing team’s backfield. However, like most would say ,Clark does have a lot of unnecessary weight that needs to be cut and Casey is using his cut weight to be more aggressive and attacking.



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I really like the Stuckey/Pickett comparison. Good work Tito. Nice to read something during the dog days we're in.

Not doing OL?
Tito, you don't nearly post enough..and your recent posts are awful :ibisroflmao:
I like big heavy powerful guys in the middle. Stuckey and Valentine definitely fit the bill. Whats the status on Bond, Kamalu and Muhammad? Will they be admitted?
Solid comparisons but are you comparing weight of players from Sr. year of high school? Because dareus played at 331lbs last year and valentine coach said he was 323lbs.
Solid comparisons but are you comparing weight of players from Sr. year of high school? Because dareus played at 331lbs last year and valentine coach said he was 323lbs.

High school
Stunning that there are no comps to multiple time All-Pros or Hall of Famers. We're slipping.
Valentine's tape looks very similiar to a young Cortez Kennedy. (Only 30lbs smaller) His quickness, feet, mean streak, motor, even his stance reminds me of Tez. This kid if he can stay healthy and stay eligible is whats been missing. Pair him with Stuckey and the streets will be ours again VERY soon!