Podcast w/ DJ Johnson, Jeff Thomas' coach, & Austin Pfenny

Podcast w/ DJ Johnson, Jeff Thomas' coach, & Austin Pfenny

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz


In this edition of the CIS podcast presented by CanesWear, D.J. Johnson, East St. Louis HC Darren Sunkett, and former walkon Canes receiver Austin Pfenninger.

D.J. Johnson discusses where he's at just a month before he enrolls at Miami.

Sunkett coached new Hurricanes receiver Jeff Thomas and talks about what Miami is getting in the electric playmaker.

Pfenninger talks post spring offensive thoughts.


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Great insight from coach sunkett; can't wait to see him play
DJ said he's been to Miami and the heat isn't that bad as the Sacramento heat, just wait till You get on campus next month homie lol.
Sacramento heat lol
It's not the heat, it's the humidity! That ish will killa man.
DJ said he's been to Miami and the heat isn't that bad as the Sacramento heat, just wait till You get on campus next month homie lol.

that motherfuker has done lost his ***ing mind

Sacramento is hot it sometimes gets to 102 or so over the summer. But it doesn't have the humidity

Yeah, Sac gets stupid hot. I'm 45 from there, so I've spent many times driving up that way or through that way to get to Reno. It can get 108, no problem....but when I was in Miami during the Summer, it may have said 95 on that thermometer, but ya boy felt like I was in a str8 overheated sauna. Couldn't stay dry to save my life! I would def prefer west coast, dry heat over that humid, Southern heat.
I have lived in both places, and they are very hot. I'm sure DJ will be ok in Miami.
Nice show, Pete, thanks. I think Thomas is going to fit perfectly with the So FL kids. Austin's insights were solid as always. I didn't realize the coaches could be on the field during summer session 1 practices as long as there's no ball in play, and they're simulating the game... I really hope Gray comes back healthy and ready to run. On the TEs, I'd like to see Irvin step up and give Richt that 2-TE set option.
From his film and coach's comments, Jeff Thomas looks to have similar size (5'10", 175 lbs) and abilities as DeSean Jackson, now of Tampa Bay.

At Long Beach Poly, DeSean was electric with speed, quickness and open field elusiveness. Dynamic punt returner. Big play ability. At Cal, I saw him destroy Tennessee on the opening punt return of the game. Caught the ball in traffic, took 2 steps backward and then exploded through coverage for the long TD. Vols never got the momentum back.

From his film, Thomas shows similar big play ability. Get him the ball in space, then let him work. I'm hoping he can adjust quickly to college life and then make his mark. Berrios could be an excellent mentor: great student, precise route runner, tremendous blocker and sure punt returner. Add Jeff's dynamism to the discipline and strengths shown by Berrios and we might just have a star.

Can't wait.
Great show Pete! All of the interviews were super. Sounds like Kool have tremendous respect there too, and the coach sounds like he wants Us to get more of his players. When we have HS coaches invited to camps and practices, are we allowed to have coaches from out of state attend like Thomas coach? Might be a good way to mold relationships in areas we don't normally have a stronghold. Might be a good way to get some of the "Big Corn Fed Uglies" away from the Midwest schools
Sacramento is west coast slang for Sahara Desert.
Sac is much better now as a city. You all Young gens, are blowing this town up with this new West Coast bullish. But hey, keep driving Midtown. It helps me.

Sac get's effin hot. Heat index for Miami get's to 120 sometimes 125. Hard Core. Sacramento valley can go 108 to 111+ not far off Phoenix (not adjusted for heat index)

. But we have the heat from the **** Agriculture fields. Heat index High 116 to 120+.

Come to a hot weekend in Sacramento CA. You will say to yourself "what the Fusgh," "Get me out of this Bull isdh".

I love Miami, I have been all over the State in the summer. Sac heat is seriously no joke.

DJ will excell.