PODCAST: Miami Media Day

PODCAST: Miami Media Day

Stefan Adams
Hurricanes assistant coaches Stephen Field, Butch Barry, Blake Baker, Mike Rumph, and Ephraim Banda join me at Miami Media Day this week to talk team, recruiting philosophy, and more.


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Good stuff, and definitely better quality on the audio than the last go around (came through the car audio clean).

Did anyone else shake their head when Rumph mentioned our top 5 passing defense and its (lack of an) impact on our recruiting, and said something like 'you would think these kids would want to be a part of that?' Something about his tone just struck me as negative and defeated. He's a very good technical coach and is improving his recruiting skills, but I wanted to hear him sell himself and his secondary's accomplishment, not lament the fact that success on the field hasn't translated to recruiting wins. Could just be me, but something about that comment stuck out.
How do i download these so I can listen to them in the Bentley without burning up a ton of data?
Great interviews Stefan

Biggest takeaways -

- As we know, Rumph might not be the best recruiter and he knows that himself (ie. him saying if we win he'll get more big time guys), but this could be a huge year for his reputation and development as a CB coach. If Blades and Ivey have big years, look for future recruits to take notice

- Fully expecting Gurvan to take a big leap and become our next Elite Safety. I'm talking 1st round talent Elite

- Big fan of Blake Baker. That guy has future HC written all over him
Great to hear Barry explaining how he evaluates offensive linemen.

He didn’t talk about traits like length and quickness, but he focused on the results of those traits: leverage, balance and range.