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PODCAST: D$, Austin Pfenninger and Steve "k9" Kim talk spring football

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@DMoney great work man. Those Jordan Miller comments were exciting to hear. Plenty of talent to make a big run this year.

Great work guys!
Great Podcast guys👍👍👍. Lots of info...will listen again while doing chores. 🙌🙌🙌
Yeah would love to hear the Chise on a podcast that would be a hoot lulz. Thanks D$, great listen on the way in today to work. Excited that the fan base and the guys in the know are amped up for Soring ball and energized about the program again. Miller is going to turn heads this season, mar it. Guys been transformed by Feeley and the rest of the S&C staff into a warrior beast. He puts in the work on the practice fields and the sky’s the limit for this big hoss.
Great podcast! D $, is Miller the real deal? We haven’t had a true widebodied nose guard since Big Vince. Would change the dynamic entirely. And if so, iis it this year 2019, or do we need to wait another year or two to see what he can do? You guys didn’t talk much about Ford, and I remember Kul Was super high on him coming in. Can he be our answer this year?