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PODCAST: Bye Week Blues - 2019 Class Breakdown: Offense

PODCAST: Bye Week Blues - 2019 Class Breakdown: Offense

Stefan Adams
Bye weeks are boring, so this week, Geo and I teamed up to bring you an entire Surge19 class breakdown beginning with the offense. Where do things stand with top targets and how could the class finish out from here?


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Y’all realize Augie DeBiase isn’t on the team anymore, right?
Ahhh haha gotcha. FWIW, Ryan Rizk is 1000x better than DeBiase. Could actually see him completing a few passes in a game.
@Stefan Adams im just curious how in tf does Tennessee have wanya morris commited to them and potentially getting darnell wright when theyre a dumpster fire
Is Searles gonna end up recruiting like kool?
@Stefan Adams if Evan Neil decides to come here, who’s to say he’s going to be coached effectively enough to bring out his full potential. You think, as constituted, this offensive staff can do that?
All I know is this new transfer rule will have a major impact on the coaching carousel. Schools won’t be able to fire assistants post-NSD anymore for risk of kids feeling betrayed and dipping out.

IF Richt makes a move and fires Searels, it may or may not impact Neal, and it would greatly depend on the timing