Osborn shares thoughts on Williams' progress, WR group, and Coastal race

Osborn shares thoughts on Williams' progress, WR group, and Coastal race

Stefan Adams
In Miami’s road win over rival FSU, WR KJ Osborn caught 3 passes for 21 yards and had 2 punt returns where he got loose for 44 yards. Osborn was a part of QB Jarren Williams’ career day in passing for 313 yards, and the senior receiver shared his thoughts on the progression he’s seen in Williams.

“I feel he’s a lot more confident because of the number of games he’s played in,” Osborn said. “He’s still the same guy in the huddle. Chemistry and connection, in a game he’s going to tell me `I’m going to come to you, make a play,’ things like that. We’ve developed trust on the field.”

Williams silenced one area of criticism in terms of his game - the deep ball. Even though Osborn was not a recipient of any of them, the redshirt freshman QB hit on three passes that travelled at least 30 yards through the air against the Noles last week.

“It’s been there - we’re just able to execute it better now whether it’s the route, catch them in coverage, the blocking,” Osborn said. “Last week we really put it together, hit some deep ball and the running game.”

However, one of the deep balls did go to Dee Wiggins on a 56-yard TD, his first career touchdown catch.

“That meant everything, his first college touchdown,” Osborn said of Wiggins’ score. “I think I almost got a penalty running out there, everyone was holding me back and I was pushing them off me waiting for him to come to the sideline. I was really happy for him, he’s worked so hard not only to get on the field and learn the playbook - he’s blocking good, running good routes. He really deserved that.”

A day before the game, Osborn had a heart-to-heart with Wiggins, as well as Mike Harley and Mark Pope, about improving the general play of the WR group.

“We had a big long talk about a lot of things,” Osborn said.

Even though it’s only his first season on the team, Osborn quickly established himself as the leader of the WR group. As the only senior of the bunch, Osborn says it’s bittersweet knowing that he’ll be playing in his final home game on Saturday.

“It came really fast,” Osborn said. “I’m getting even closer with my teammates, developing an even stronger bond, and I’m about to leave. But last time at Hard Rock Stadium - it’s been a blessing to be here.

“I feel I’m a part of the family. Just unique, it’s not a normal situation. But these guys are family. I’m definitely going to miss these guys.”

Although the Canes would need a lot of help, UM is still technically alive in the Coastal division, something Osborn would love to win before he leaves Coral Gables.

“It is amazing to know we can still be in the race - coach (Manny) Diaz talked about it, it’s a crazy conference,” Osborn said. “Every game comes down to the final seconds. It still gives us something to play for - I’m just excited to see how it plays out.”

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Wish sofla kids had more of this kind of leadership. Miami really has done well with some of these grad transfers - colbertson, KJ, et al have become real ambassadors for this school/team
**** I wish he was coming back. We need more leaders like him on that side of the ball
Wish sofla kids had more of this kind of leadership. Miami really has done well with some of these grad transfers - colbertson, KJ, et al have become real ambassadors for this school/team
This speaks volumes about way character counts as much as talent. Osborne was recruited by Buffalo not UM. Played 4 yrs there, developing and maturing. Now he’s here advising and mentoring young WR’s, guys with arguably more talent. Sometimes recruiting requires a deeper dive than raw talent, potential or how many Stars* they have. Character counts and runs deeper than talent in the long run. Ask Ed Reed. Going to miss KJ, let’s hope he gives a great goodbye on Senior Day this Saturday 🙌🏿
Was JT too busy for the wr meeting or he doesn’t need no pep talk????

my guess is that he practices, does what he needs to do and then he’s out of there. Doesn’t chit chat, socialize much, just keeps to himself. So, not surprised he wasn’t mentioned
Who is going to step up and be the leader in the WR room next year is the question. I want to hope its Harley and JT but are they mature enough to be respected by their peers? We have talent in that room, but man is it lacking leadership in 2020.
One things for certain, kj osborn came in and earned his stripes. Before the season started people were trying to go crazy cause for some reason the bandwagon UM fans kept trying to hype up transfer tate as the incumbent starter, and i said way back when, **** no, we dont need a **** running from competition to end up being the starter here, that would be an insult to this team, so no way was i rooting for that ****, and i wasnt rooting for jw15 and his transfer threattening *** when **** doesnt look like its going his way, perry was the only True UM qb in that room until Matocha got their, the other 2 are shady. I bring this up cause they tried to throw the "well kj osborn transferee" and i said than, he's way different that those other two, they were running from competition, osborn was running to competition, way different mindset and it showed from day 1. Shouts out to coach diaz for the 2 chess moves he made, bringing in kj to upgrade the mindset of the crybaby receiver room, and of course his whole purpose for bringing in transfer tate served its purpose because it forced the other qb's to have to step their games up or lose out to transfer tate.

One things for certain, kj is a True Cane, and what a real Cane is all about, hardwork and dedication, which is why coach diaz handled that jw15 three picks V-tech game perfectly, sat his *** down a game for every pick. Than coach diaz knows what UM football is all about, how you gone be a UM starting qb and scared to throw the deep ball, **** sit yo *** down, perry you in.

So coach diaz was like, ok, Fsu game, alright jw15, we gone start your **** *** this game, play scared again and see what happens, all of a sudden, the deep balls show up. Coach diaz is the right man for this job cause he's definitely dealing with the main things that are paramount to bringing this program all the way back, hardwork and unselfishness, aint no need to talk about talent cause its already here.

To hear jw15 missed a day of practice during his so called injury showed why that team meeting was needed and guys getting and got called out, and jw15's waffling *** was one of the main targets. It was beautiful how coach diaz handled jw15, alright, this **** doesnt want to throw the deepball during real games, to the media: jaren is dealing with an arm injury, once we feel his arm strength is back" **** you ready to throw the deepball yet, ok, here's your chance, Fsu time, lol.