Monday Recruiting Chatter - 1/21

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If these all play out in our favor... wow. The depth on the D-Line if we somehow land Nnoruka, Boykin, Bogle, and Hill.
@Stefan Adams is no news bad news on Kaiir Elam/Martin Emerson, Lance Legendre and Jared Harrison-Hunte?
Elam was never a chance, Emerson I think is i
@Stefan Adams is no news bad news on Kaiir Elam/Martin Emerson, Lance Legendre and Jared Harrison-Hunte?
Legendre cancelled his Tenn visit and they are out. Down to us vs fsu. Penn St got another DT commit Sat so clearly a major help to us getting JHH. As for the other 2 Elam was a 0% chance anyway, and I think Emerson visits next weekend or at least next group.
Sucks hearing that about MAR and why not take both Ja’Darien Boykin & Bogle.


Boykin, Hill, and Nnoruka would be a very solid haul irrespective of Bagle.
Also Ivins just posted how Diaz was the talk of the SFE tryouts this past weekend. With some of those tweets I’m sure his kids are helping! Lol
Appreciate the update, but what's going on with Hill
Pretty positive but we’ve seen this before from the staff. The Florida visit for the DT scares me. Hopefully we can stay on them and use our in home visits this week to seal the deal.
Not worried. If we miss on these guys something else better will pop out of the portal.
**The Canes just had a big recruiting weekend in terms of official visits, as two transfer targets (S Bubba Bolden and DT Chigozie Nnoruka) and three 2019 targets (OT Darius Washington, DE Ja’Darien Boykin, and CB Christian Williams) all were in Coral Gables this weekend for their OV's. Aside from Bolden, who is already a solid commit, it was an encouraging weekend as it seems the Canes made moves with every other prospect on campus. Here’s what I heard coming out of the weekend.

**On Bolden: the USC transfer is firmly committed to Miami and this visit only further solidified that.

**On Nnoruka: As I said last week, Miami had already felt like the leader with Nnoruka, and nothing changed that this weekend. I’m under the impression that a big factor here is the city life that Nnoruka became accustomed to at UCLA is helping UM in that he is already comfortable in the type of environment he will be surrounded by at Miami. UM is still expecting him to be a Cane in the end, but Florida is the program to look out for that could potentially still make a move.

**On Boykin: Miami has positioned themselves well with Boykin and there’s not a lot of other competition here, so UM will likely be able to easily add him if they decide to take him into the class. Louisville is the main contender here.

**On Williams: In terms of where they were heading into the weekend, I think Miami made the biggest move with Williams. Although the 4-star corner has been committed to Alabama since April, he did not sign early and is now taking a look around at schools like Miami and Oregon to be sure of his decision with so much turnover on the Crimson Tide coaching staff. I’m told UM likes their chances to win out here, although stealing a recruit from Bama will obviously be no walk in the park if Bama decides he is still a take for them.

**On Washington: Miami was able to get Washington back on campus for a second official visit (NCAA rules allow for that after a head coaching change) this weekend. Academics have been the main factor keeping UM in the game here all along, and they will continue to push for a flip with the Mississippi State commit. I’ve always said this would be a 50-50 recruitment for UM contingent on getting Washington back on campus, so you have to like seeing Washington in Coral Gables yet again. Miami feels good about their chances to ultimately make the flip.

**UM is putting on the full court press to flip DE Khris Bogle from Alabama, and I’m told from a good source that Bogle is still open to that idea. Like with Williams, all of the coaching turnover at Bama is giving Bogle pause, so there is definitely more legs to this than simply internet rumors. However, I’m told that a big hurdle is going to be getting mom on board, as she seems set with Alabama at this time. Tennessee was right there with UM and Bama at the end and they could still be a legitimate option as well.

**I’m told Miami feels they are trending down with RB target Mark-Antony Richards. The 4-star athlete from Wellington has been very quiet the past few months and has seemed to put more distance between himself and Miami; I’m told that’s not a coincidence. UM getting rid of primary recruiter and longtime family friend Thomas Brown from the staff has hurt UM’s chances too. I don’t think it’s over, but Miami at the very least has work to do these last few weeks to land the legacy recruit.

**In terms of the linebacker board, UM is still heavily pursuing both Eugene Asante and OC Brothers for the last spot in the class. Of the two, I’m told the main priority is actually Asante, as UM absolutely fell in love with his film, but that Miami feels more confident at this time with Brothers due to his proximity to UM. Brothers is currently planning on taking an OV to Miami next weekend, while Miami is still trying to get Asante to set a trip to Coral Gables.

Nice update Stef, thanks. Any info on a timeline for any of the transfers? Are they all staying at their current schools through spring in order to graduate, or will any of them be enrolling at Miami for the spring semester? I don't remember the exact date, but I think the due date to enroll for spring is either today or the 23rd?
I don’t know for sure and don’t care enough about Florida to look it up, but don’t they run a 3-4? And wasn’t that a large part of why Nnoruka’s stats fell off this past season? Couple that with the fact that he would have to live in a **** hole town and I can’t really see him committing there.