Miami vs UNC Offensive Highlights

Miami vs UNC Offensive Highlights

David Perez









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All of the highlights are of either a RB making a great play or a WR/TE making a great run after the catch.

Kayak doesn't make highlight throws.
lol at monster run by Walton in the first video.
WTF is this?
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Highlights? What Highlights? LMAO as well
Man Yearby is a nice player but he's ssllllloooooowwwwww. Props for him to break into the open like that with a ridiculous juke but got run down as usual.

If he had 4.4 speed it would be almost unfair. With those feet, moves, and vision, he would be better than Duke if he wasn't slow as a peg legged pirate.
David Perez is the Kim Jong Un of the sports world.
3 points with 3 mins to go in 3rd quarter...

against UNC's defense LMAO

And some of you don't see that Richt is the problem.