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Miami Leading for 2016 WR Johnson

Miami Leading for 2016 WR Johnson

Tito Benach
It’s a rare feeling to win a state championship in any sport during high school, but to win a state championship in two different sports within the same year is exceptional. 2016 American Heritage (Fla.) prospect Brandon Johnson was able to accomplish that this past year in both football and basketball.

“It means a lot knowing that me and another player have ever done that in my schools history. It means a lot to be able to set that record and it’s a blessing really. It was hard to describe and I was very excited.”

Johnson has been hitting up a number of camps this summer to get his name out and also improve his game.

“The camps that I’ve been to are the FSU camp for a weekend and I just got back from the South Carolina camp. I plan on going to the Notre Dame camp and the LSU camp in the future as well. I’m actually going to the Miami camp this weekend.”

Johnson already holds offers from schools such as South Carolina, Miami, Louisville, Duke, FAU and Cincinnati. While the young prospect is still early in the recruiting process, it hasn’t stopped him from naming a leader and top schools.

“My top three would be Miami, South Carolina and Louisville in that order.”

The 6’1 180 pound receiver cites his admiration for the Hurricanes since he was younger as why they are currently in the lead.

“I mean I’ve always been a fan and my family ties and I’ve always just admired UM. When they offered me I was in shock and I was in crazy.”

The Gamecocks are behind the Hurricanes and he cites the facilities and atmosphere as the reason for them standing out.

“I just went up there and I really like the facilities and the coaching staff. I also just like it up there a lot.”

Finally, the Louisville Cardinals are in third in the race for Johnson and his connection with wide receivers coach Lamar Thomas has played a big part.

“I’ve talk to Lamar Thomas, he has a lot of confidence in me and I enjoy talking to him. It seems like it’s cool up there as well.”

Johnson is aiming to make a commitment following his junior year and will be looking for a few things in schools.

“First I want to see a great academic program, I want to see how the facilities look and I need to see the coaching staff.”

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Does he plan on playing both sports in college also?
I'm going to assume football and baseball are the two sports.

Edit: Turned out to be football and basketball.

You know what they say about assuming.
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Tito...which 2 sports? I figured you would've put that in the article.
You would think prodigy kids would be a deal, but i wonder what it is that we need to do to tightened up the fence around SoFl? Other than win more, what is the advantages these other schools presenting?
You would think prodigy kids would be a deal, but i wonder what it is that we need to do to tightened up the fence around SoFl? Other than win more, what is the advantages these other schools presenting?

Wants to see a great academic program...

Likes South Carolina & Louisville...
A genuine thank you, Tito, for the write-up.

A genuine "don't care" for 2016 prospects. As this recruiting thing gets nastier and nastier each year, I get more disenchanted and more discouraged to "look down the pipe to next year."

So many games to be played, on and off the field. So many empty words. So many bags of cash yet to be delivered. So many commitments yet to be made, and yet to be broken. It's just too damn exhausting.

2015, that's all I see. It's all I have the energy and heart to see.
So, Burns and Johnson are going to be the kids from Heritage to come to Miami. Change the perception. I fully believe Torrance Gibson would be a cane if we ran the offense Auburn or OSU runs.
He is 6'1 180lbs. He is closer to 6'3" 160. Elite jumping ability with great hands. Rarely does a ball going his way touch the floor. Everything he does is effortless. He is a go to possession receiver.

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