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Miami commit Perry keeping options open

Miami commit Perry keeping options open

Peter Ariz
2015 Royal Palm Beach LB Charles Perry has been committed to Miami since last summer. The 6-2, 205-pound prospect says he is solid with the Canes for now, but he is not closing the doors on other opportunities.

“I feel confident with them, but like I say you never know what will happen because I still have a whole year left in high school,” Perry said.

Perry plays both sides of the ball in high school, but Miami has been recruiting him to play on the defensive side of the ball. At RPB, he plays both inside and outside linebacker “depending on the offense”.

“I’m expecting to play linebacker but I’m good with anything on defense. I can play safety too because I have the speed.”

He has felt a different pressure in competitive environments ever since he committed to Miami.

“You gotta show up because people want to try to pick on you and go at you.”

Miami is not the only school in contact with him. Perry says that a couple of SEC powers recently pulled the trigger.

"I just got a couple offers from Alabama and Auburn. Illinois and FSU came through the other day too."

Micheal Barrow is Perry’s primary recruiter for the Canes.

“I get a good vibe form him and we get along great. He’s a real cool dude. If I can do what he did in the league, then I would be blessed.”

One of the top factors for Perry will be making sure he can have an early impact wherever he goes.

“I gotta look at the depth chart because I’m trying to go in and play. I don’t want to look at the depth chart and see that they have eight linebackers in front of me or something crazy like that."

How would he describe his style of play on the field?"

“I’m physical and I’m able to digest plays. I’m pretty much a ball hawk.”

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I believe he sticks, we dont have Crazy LB depth. He should be able to come in and contribute a little.
Huge fan of his potential. Rangy athlete who also happens to be a natural LB.
Pete..I thought you put on twitter a couple days ago we should be expecting a Work….we gonna get one soon?
Really, really like Perry and hope we're able to hang onto him. Fantastic player and athlete whose stock should only rise between now and NSD.

If the depth chart will be a major factor, then that would work in our favor with Perryman heading to the league after this season and Kirby being a senior after this year. There will likely be a wide open competition for playing time next summer.
didn't they already post this before. nothing new. does seem that solid if he keeps saying he's exploring his options
Perry is a great find. The coaches got on him early and are hopefully staying on him. He should be a Top 3 LB in FL this class. Hopefully we add someone like Sheppard or one of the GA/NJ boys, and we'll be set at LB for the class. I doubt we get the CA kid.
Love Perry.

Would rather him put his palm over his chest and pledge allegiance to this U, but he sounds pretty solid for now.

Keep on 'em, Barrow.
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Be thew first stud out of PB County in a while. Just win and they'll stay home
@sleeperathletes: #RoyalPalmBeach HS (FL) & #Miami commit 4-star LB Charles Perry (@Charlesperry96) receives offer from the #FSU #Seminoles
They have a spring game tonight. Expect a couple more offers.
“I gotta look at the depth chart because I’m trying to go in and play. I don’t want to look at the depth chart and see that they have eight linebackers in front of me or something crazy like that."

You are playing linebacker, not quarterback. Teams use 3-4 every play. Every school is going to have roughly the same amount of linebackers on roster and over the years that you are on the team, there are going to be more top notch linebackers coming in to compete. If you are good, you will get your PT especially with injuries.

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