Meet Dontye Carriere-Williams: BTW's next big thing

Meet Dontye Carriere-Williams: BTW's next big thing

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Booker T. Washington is the preeminent football powerhouse in South Florida and maybe the entire country. The program produces top division-1 talent every year and is on the heels of its second state title in a row. Those two constants don’t look like they will be ending any time soon. Meet 2016 CB Dontye Carriere-Williams (5-10, 162), who is already being touted as the next elite defensive prospect to come from BTW.

Carriere-Williams is making waves early in the 7-on-7 circuit and was one of the most impressive prospects at the South Florida Express tryouts. So just how good was that F-5 Tornadoes secondary this season?

“With the talent we had in the secondary, I barely got onto the field. This year will be a new start for me. I knew my time was going to be coming soon so I was able to just learn from those guys. With the seniors going to college, this will be my time to step up and be a leader so it will be great,” said Carrier-Williams.

The young defensive back prospect could have easily played and started at nearly any other school in Miami, but he feels like the Booker T. Washington coaches will help him get to the next level.

“They keep me humble and match sure you keep working. They don’t want the hype to get to you.”

For a sophomore, Carriere-Williams already has excellent size. How would he describe himself as a player?

“I’m very physical, quick, and explosive. I’ll be working on my footwork a lot now during the spring.”

Many critics have bashed the development of 7-on-7 football across the country and particularly in South Florida, but Carriere-Williams is excited to begin his journey with the South Florida Express.

“The exposure and great players I’ll be playing with on one team will be great. Darnell Solomon from Champagnat, Kahlil Lewis from Miramar, and Dredrick Snelson from American Heritage are some of the good receivers out there, said Carriere-Williams. “The battles are very competitive, physical, and fun.”

It is almost too early to even mention recruiting with a sophomore, but the process has sped up so much to the point that it is a necessary question.

“I have an offer from Troy and Clemson is showing me a lot of love. It’s actually a surprise with me not really getting on the field last year so it’s kind of shocking.”

Are the hometown Miami Hurricanes a program he has interest in?

“Yeah, most definitely. I grew up a fan of Miami and I live here so it’s second nature. The legends that they’ve put in the game is amazing. I love it.”

Besides Miami, Carriere-Williams named LSU, Florida, and Florida State as three schools he is hoping to hear from in the coming months.

CanesInSight has obtained exclusive footage of Carriere-Williams at the Premier Athletes Showcase from last month. Best viewed at fullscreen.


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Looks great against Bruce in a drill that's very tough for a DB to win. I'm a believer.
Sweet, there is LSU again. And he "grew up a fan".
Ok, Ricky's son getting some notice on CIS, hopefully dorito will be gone by then
The WEZ would love this kids dad. Dude hates Coach D more than anyone. Lol
Don't doubt the stuff about this kid's dad disliking D'Potato, but where can I read this stuff? Where has he voiced it?
I know it's the "Dead Season" for recruiting news, but he's in the 10th Grade.... Who cares?
his pops ricky Williams hates coach D an in a comment Dontye said he had fell out of love with UM since growing up
No problem in offering upcoming kids their first major offer, what will it hurt?