McDermott Talks Top 2

McDermott Talks Top 2

Tito Benach
2014 Palm Beach Central (Fla.) Offensive Tackle K.C McDermott is one of the top tackles in the state of Florida and was looking to show off his skill against top competition at the Miami NFTC Combine.

“I’m excited to compete, I’m excited to get out there and compete against other people and not just my teammates like I do in practice this offseason, but other high quality players in the country.”

McDermott isn’t new to the Miami NFTC camp as he has attended in previous years and enjoys the highly competitive drills they perform.

“I always see when I come here is speed and toughness, so that’s what I’m looking for this year.”

McDermott is one of the most sought after recruits in south Florida and has described his recruitment as nothing short of hectic.

“Its been crazy, absolutely crazy and out of control.”

The 2014 offensive tackle does have a top two of Miami and Notre Dame and is planning to make a decision soon after his visits to each school.

“I’m gonna go see Notre Dame on the 26th and 27th of March and then the day I get back I’m gonna go see my brother in the spring game at Miami. Then the next week I should have a decision.”

McDermott spoke about Notre Dame and what he likes about them and his interest level.

“Notre Dame is a great school and one of the top programs not only in the nation but in the whole world. Coach Kelly is a great coach and he is bringing a coaching staff that does what he wants and he is getting them back to what they used to be.”

McDermott does have a brother who currently attends Miami and he explained what he likes about Miami.

“Miami with Al Golden is doing the same thing as Coach Kelly he is bringing them back to what they used to be in the eighties.”

McDermott did have an interesting scenario where he had two brothers at each school with one being a current player at Miami and the other being a Offensive Line Graduate Assistant coach at Notre Dame. When asked if those factors will play in his decision he assured they wouldn’t

“Not at all.”

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well. getting ready for a breakdown by our fans here on the interwebz.

Trevor Darling and KC McDermott. Nice bookends.
Kid will be an EE like Shane.
If he comes here as an EE he can have a better chance to earn that RT spot across from Flowers and eventually take over for Flowers after not too long.
Nice article i think.............THE LAST question in all big time recruits articles should be what are they looking for in a school...........
I like how he is visiting Miami last...That is a great sign.