Matchup of the Week: Young QB's vs. Themselves

Matchup of the Week: Young QB's vs. Themselves

Cory Grimes
As the Hurricanes take on the mighty Tigers, from Savannah State this time, they look to wash off some of the funk lingering from last Sunday’s meltdown in Texas. In a sure blowout, there aren’t necessarily any matchups that are going to determine the outcome. But there are some things we could see that could suggest strides in the right direction, especially at the QB position. It is likely that every QB on roster gets to toss a pass today, and more importantly, they’ll get a chance to prove that they might be the guy to take the reins of this offense for the rest of the year. Whichever guy can mask their youth the most and begin to take control, could be on their way to being the next starting QB at the University of Miami. So I present you the matchup of the week, the Young QB’s against themselves.

From the outsider’s perspective, it is easy to say, “How can anyone on the roster be worse than what we saw on Sunday?” The bar has been set so low by Malik Rosier. It is hard to imagine that one of these young guys can’t amass more than 40% completion and find a way to get these playmakers the ball in places where they can well… make plays. From a coach’s point of view, CMR is going to want to see more than just an accurate passer. He’s going to need to see a guy who will take command of the team and play within the system of the offense. All these guys (Weldon, Perry, Williams) are extremely young and inexperienced. Savannah State is more or less a JV team, but whichever guy can make CMR forget about their youth along with the other things I just mentioned will begin to rise to the top of the QB depth chart.

N’kosi Perry, Cade Weldon and Jarren Williams are all dynamic QB’s who can make plays with their legs. All have had their pitfalls since being on campus, whether it’s an off the field issue or just not quite getting the playbook yet. I am not going to go into the analytics and specifics on these QB’s. I am sure our resident QB guru Roman has you all covered there. Certain guys just take it to another level when the lights come on during game day, and I am hoping that this is the case for one of these guys. I saw flashes of it in the Spring game from Perry and Williams, and I have heard stories about Weldon that suggest that guy is just a tough guy who’s a gamer. Like I said, whichever guy can make people forget how young they are and overcome their previous pitfalls is going to be the guy who gets the keys to the car. This game could help them get in rhythm with their weapons on the outside, and maybe a newfound QB to WR connection is made for years to come. I don’t expect any starting jobs to be won in this game against Savannah State, but I do think we could see the team start to rally around one of the QB’s and create a whole new energy in the locker room. For this youthful bunch of field generals, their biggest opponent on Saturday is not the Tigers, it is themselves.

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Good thought Cory. It will be vital to see which QB separates themselves from the pack today. Having Rosier go 60% in this game will do more harm than help. We really need one of the young guns to step up, get the team and crowd energized, and start to show Richt that they can be trusted within the offense to execute, and do it well.
My dream outcome circa 12-1-2018: Miami makes it to the ACC championship game behind freshman QB X, the team has rallied around the new starter and has won out since the embarrassing loss against LSU to start the season. The new punter Spicer has also been a great improvement in field position. Miami also pulled another QB recruiting miracle and flipped QB Y from School Z plus rumors has it that Miami will accept a QB transfer in 2019.
It's really important that all 3 get enough meaningful snaps to do what you described. It appears that Malik will start - hopefully he won't get too much time. I am going to assume this will be like practice versus the 2nd team- no point in Rosier doing what he does every day.
I question whether the young QB,s will even have a chance to show all of their abilities. If the Canes are 4 scores up after a quarter I can see very few passes by our offense the rest of the game. It will be run left right and up the middle. Just do not see how any of them can show that much handing the ball off the bulk of their snaps