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He's really good when his OL picks up their blocks and nobody touches him
Seems to have deceptive speed for a big guy. He doesnt look like he is running fast but is pulling away from people.

Still like Collins more but kid looks like a really good big back.
If the rumors about Collins wavering are true, I wouldnt mind Woodley taking his place. His highlights already look better than Dillards.
Woodley's video looks decent. I always look for three things when watching a tape of a RB: (1) can he make the first man miss? (2) can he pick up yards after contact? (3) what's his overall speed?

Based on those three things I like Collins a little better.
Just saw he was 6-0.5 feet and 207 lbs. at the Miami Nike Camp this past weekend. I like Woodley more than most, but I would like to see him run tougher/play to his size. But I think he has really good feet for a bigger back, and seems like a good pass catcher. Does anyone have a good/accurate time on his 40? I'm wondering how fast he really is
Could be a good complement to Duke. I agree that his tape looks better than dillard and he's still got another year. Still think collins is better but if we leaves i wouldn't mind getting this big boy