Live Thread Updates: The Opening Finals 2019 - Day 2

Stefan Adams
1 min read
It's Day 2 of the Opening Finals and 7-on-7 action is set to begin shortly. Tyler Van Dyke and Don Chaney have a spot on the same 7-on-7 team and will be joined by major Miami DB target Avantae Williams on Team Guap. Michael Redding is on Team Pressure and will be paired with UM target TE Theo Johnson, and possibly Justin Flowe if he makes it to the event today.

OL/DL Final 5 will also take place in the afternoon.

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anyone know if there is also a livestream of the event today?
Really nice throw from Van Dyke to Eddie Williams for a would be TD but it was dropped in back of the end zone. Williams was a top 3 WR performer yesterday.

Barton Simmons said :
Tyler Van Dyke had a few throws in the red zone where he didn't really give his WRs a chance, throwing it out of bounds on end zone fades.
Van Dyke throws a pick to DB Malachi Moore on a last second heave to the endzone to end the game as Team Guap falls
Savage tops Pressure 34-18 despite a Redding TD. Pressure vs Guap about to start