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Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
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Football Season is a little over 4 months away. To get an idea of how long 4 months is, it's best to think back 4 months into the past. 4 months ago your girlfriend was telling you that you had to spend Christmas with her parents.


You pretended like it didn't **** you off because in the back of your mind you were thinking, "Oh well, at least I still have the Canes bowl game to look forward to in a few days". Get real.

Not having a bowl game to look forward to makes the off-season even longer, and thus worse. It also gives you a glimpse into the world of most college football fans. It can humble you. It lets you know what it's like being an Iowa St. fan. This made me feel a bit better just typing it. Then I remembered Iowa St. went to a bowl game last year. **** Me.

Off-seasons in football blow because of all the majors sports in this country, it's the longest. Now that spring ball has come and gone, we're at halftime of the off-season so hang in there. Whether it's 4 months or 4 years from now, and whether it feels like it or is coming.

So right meow I want take some time to let you know what news to expect this off-season before fall camp begins:

  • There's a good chance the NCAA will wrap up their investigation sometime between May and August. We've heard for months that we could hear something as soon as April of this year. So be ready for your friends, and fans of other schools to begin trolling you about Sha-pie-ro again. Keep your response to them simple:

  • I don't know why, but lots of people seem to still think that we're gonna skate. They are citing these recent comments by Mark Emmert as justification. Never trust a dude with a Newt Gingrich haircut. My advice is to expect the worst, otherwise this will be you when we get the Notice of Allegations:

  • Expect anywhere from 3 to 8 members of the team to transfer. Not long after signing day, Golden said they anticipated to only have 80 players on the team next fall. So simple math helps you figure that out. Prime suspects are the Ben Jones and Billy Sanders of the world.

  • At least 1 player from the incoming class wont qualify that we didn't anticipate. It happens every year and everyone gets all jammed up like it's some kind of ******* anomaly. Last year Kevin Grooms told anyone that could listen he was good to enroll and guess what? He's at Marshall now.

We're 100 days from the start of fall camp. Football is coming so sit tight and hang in there.

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Welcome back. The wait for Link City has also been a *****.
Four Months?

Now I AM depressed! I can't stay drunk for four months . . . actually, let me get my calculator.
**** 4 months, we gonna have to start putting out articles on what we drinkin.
I hope you don't mind I changed the first image a tad so it would fit in the center of the news slider. **** 4 months
What movie is the gif with the teacher dude from?
so we're not skating?

I think we get right around 10 schollys over 3 more bowl ban