Kansas St. Gameday - Week 2

Kansas St. Gameday - Week 2

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

The Canes are forced to be Road Warriors again this week at Kansas St. UM will try to become 2-0 for just the second time since 2004 (2009 being the other).

But before all that there's someone you should meet:


...and the follow up:


You may have already seen/heard about this joke. Either way, feel free to harass him on twitter
@KstateMask. I know very well that every fan base has their share of stupid fans but holy ****. Seriously, it's like the ******* son of Dannyboy and Slashsteel.


Where: Bill Snyder Family Stadium - Manhattan, KS

Who: Miami Hurricanes (1-0) vs Kansas St. Wildcats (1-0)

W​hen: 12:00pm/et

How: TV - FX & FOX Deportes

4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Can we stop/contain Collin Klein?
2. Can the defense at least get off the field on 3rd and long?
3. Can Duke have a repeat performance from last week?
4. Can the offense get off to a good start?

I'm not that confident about the first 2, so we'll need Duke to ball out like he did last week. Hopefully we can get off to a good start so that we are able to kill the crowd, and not have to play from behind like we did last week.

Last time they met: September 24, 2011. Kansas St. won 28-24


What people were saying during the subsequent meltdown:

HRIKN said:
I don't know if it came through on TV, but the defense, especially in the first half, looked confused before almost every snap. On KState's first goal line opportunity one of the DL lineman was looking around with his hands outstretched to the other players like he was asking where he should line up. At other times people were being waved into position right before the ball was snapped. Too many players, mostly the DBs, kept looking at each other like they were checking to see if they were in the right position.

Their Offensive coordinator sure out coached our Defensive coordinator. When, if ever, are we going to be able to stop the QB running right up through the middle? We have them backed up, 2nd down and 28. He runs right by 2 Defensive linemen and all of our defensive backs are off chasing other players. Can't we have at least 1 player stay at home or spy on the QB?

We weren't around at this time last year so I turned to CanesOverHere for reference. This post sums up the game perfectly. So god**** frustrating.

Know your enemy: Bring On The Cats

What they're saying:

jonfmorse said:
I always cringe whenever someone refers to their all-american or all-conference punter because it’s almost always, secretly within their hearts, a tacit confession on the part of the speaker that they’re doomed. You almost never hear someone make reference to their all-whatever kicker or punter unless that’s all they have (Not saying that’s all Miami has, just babbling because a fan of another school did this the other day and it hit me… because their punter really IS all they’ve got.).

I get the point this hayseed was trying to make. Nothing more embarrassing than back when Matt Bosher was winning team MVP like 3 years in a row. All the more reason for these clowns to get introduced to this guy:


Chopping skills courtesy of hcanes100

Hurricanes Notes:

1. Golden wishes he could've used Anthony Fasano as the scout team QB for this game.
2. The Hurricanes offense thrived in the hurry-up last week.
3. Duke and the rest of the freshmen feel they're ready for the spotlight.

Kansas St. Notes:
1. Arthur Brown likes beating women in Kansas more than in Miami...Allegedly

2. Kansas St. is getting good at closing out games.
3. Collin Klein (and anyone with eyes) noticed that our defense has issues.

Favorite Kansas St. related Image, Photoshop, or Gif:


Is this even real? What the **** is an Eco-Cat?


The Canes regain the services of Seantrel Henderson this week. He's listed as the backup Right Tackle on the depth chart. Early on Friday it became public knowledge that Luther Robinson doesn't get it and wouldn't be traveling with the team. Kansas State should have everyone ready on gameday but they still have 3 guys listed as questionable.

Miami Hurricanes 2-deep depth chart


Injury Status/UpdatedNotes
Gionni Paul LB Knee Ques Sat - 9/3/12 Paul did not play in Week 1 against Boston College because of a knee injury and remains questionable to play Saturday against Kansas State.
Curtis Porter DL Appendix Ques Sat - 9/3/12 Porter did not play in Week 1 against Boston College, as he recovers from appendix surgery, and remains questionable to play Saturday against Kansas State.
Raphael Kirby LB Leg Out indefinitely - 8/26/12 Kirby has been spotted wearing a hard cast on his lower leg and will be sidelined indefinitely.

Kansas St. 2-deep depth chart


Injury Status/UpdatedNotes
Nick Puetz OL Foot Ques Sat - 9/5/12 Puetz suffered a foot injury in Week 1 and remains questionable to play Saturday against Miami (FL).
Boston Stiverson OL Foot Ques Sat - 9/5/12 Stiverson has been hampered by an injured foot and remains questionable to play Saturday against Miami (FL).
Andre McDonald TE Personal Ques Sat - 9/3/12 McDonald did not play in Week 1 against Missouri State due to personal issues and remains questionable to play Saturday against Miami (FL).

Gameday Character:

I'm the guy who carries Mr. Dead in his pocket.


Bow Bow

Lets Go Canes!

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Awesome again!

What the **** is an ecocat?

I hope our defense stiffens at least a little to give us a chance to get settled and get some points on the board. Get up, never look back, go home to fight another day.

....you didn't think I'd find you did ju.....
Holy **** I lost it when the camera panned up and mask guy was yelling, what a clown