Junior Day interviews!!!

Junior Day interviews!!!

I interviewed some players that attended Junior day and asked them about the event overall.

2017 Miami Central DE Owen Carney: Still Loading... - Owen Carney highlights - Hudl

- "The visit was very good, of course being from Miami & The 305 area i’ve seen the campus plenty of times.” Carney said “but it was nice to talk to the new coaches and to get a better understanding of each other. they really took me in and showed me a lot of love.”

- Miami has told Carney that they're very interested in his ability and will be keeping an eye on him.

- He attended Junior Day with Miami LB commit Waynmon Steed, Miami OL commit Navaughn Donaldson & WR Jernard Phillips (Brother of FSU WR Da'Vante Phillips)

- I asked him about his overall impression about Coach Diaz & Coach Kool "Well i could tell that Coach Diaz is going to run a tight defense and i like his plan and his method." Carney said "Coach Kool seeing former players of his doing great things in college and NFL, i would love to play for him."

- Pay attention to this one, I asked him what's the biggest difference between the Al Golden staff & the Mark Richt staff. "Mark Richt was very social with all the players and parents that attended the junior day, The new coaching staff really believes in Mark Richt & they’re 100% behind him, that’s kind of the biggest difference i see.”

2017 OT Cordavien Suggs Duncan U. Fletcher: junior year - Cordavien Suggs highlights - Hudl

- “it was good, it was actually my first time down in Miami so it was nice to see all the new facilities and the beautiful campus."

- He spoke a lot with OL Coach Searels & TE Coach Hartley

- He doesn’t have a Miami offer but he said that the Miami coaches will be coming out in the spring to check him out, he sees a offer coming very soon.

- Conversation between him and Coach Searels. "We were talking about my game and how i would fit in perfectly with what he’s trying to run.”

- He said if Miami offer they would be one of his top schools.

2018 DB Gilbert Frierson Coral Gables HS: sophomore highlights - Gilbert Frierson highlights - Hudl

- "I was very happy that i got the offer from Miami, it's right down the street and it felt like home." "Coach Manny Diaz pulled me to the side and offered me."

- I asked him about his relationship with 2018 Miami CB commit Josh Jobe was. "I’m very close with Josh, we’ve been friends for over 10 years now." Frierson said "we played youth football together, so i would love to play with him again in college."

- “Junior day was a great experience, i saw a lot of things that i really liked and i want to visit the school again.”

- He said he spoke with Coach Rumph & Coach Banda briefly

- He said he doesn't have any top schools because it's too early in the recruiting process and coaches can't contact him because he's a 2018 prospect.

- I know this was a questioned asked by Miami fans, Frank Gore comes from his Mom side of the family.

2017 DE Deandre Johnson Miami Southridge:Junior Highlights - Deandre Johnson highlights - Hudl

- "i spoke little bit with Coach Kool & Coach Banda, they said they love me and they love my tape." Deandre said "Coach Kool said he wants to come out in the spring and watch me play.”

- Miami Southridge visited Miami last week, so i asked him what was the difference between the Junior Day and the Southridge Team visit. "Both visits were great but the Southridge was better because we had more time to talk to the staff and we saw a lot more."

- "The tradition intrigues me, I’m very excited to see what CMR can do at Miami because i think he’s going to turn the program around.”

- He said he's going to visit Miami again for the FSU game

- I asked him what was a big reason to transfer to Southridge. "The big reason i transfer to Southridge was because i can get more credit, because i want to be an Early Enrollee."

- I asked him about the Super team they're building at Southridge. "We’re going to be great at Southridge, we just have to build the chemistry and if we do, we should be unstoppable.

- He said if Miami offered they would be in his top 3

- I asked him about his relationship with Miami RB commit Bentavious Thompson & Miami WR commit Daquris Wiggins. " From my time at Killian, Myself, Miami Commit Bentavious Thompson and Miami WR commit Daquris Wiggins we have talked about going to the same school since our freshman year.” #KtoTheU

2017 DE Noah Curtis Palm Beach Lakes: Junior Season #9 - Noah Curtis highlights - Hudl

- “The visit was great, i liked how the coaches gave all the recruits a tour of the campus and how academics is so important to them.”

- "I mostly spoke to Coach Kool & Coach Manny Diaz and they told me that I rushes the QB very well and that he will fit in the system well.

- Noah said that early playing time is going to play a big factor for him.

- He has had talks with Manny Diaz multiple times before “He’s watched my film and he really likes me.”

- "Miami hasn’t offered but if they do they would shoot to the top “Miami is actually my dream school, i’ve liked them ever since i was a little kid.”

2017 WR/TE Dave Richards Miami Norland:

- “Yesterday the Junior Day was a nice experience, i respect the little introductions they gave us, I like how Mark Richt put together the staff."

- "I didn't really have any deep conversations with the coaches because i’ve spoken to them before but they told me i have nice frame they like how i play they like my game style and they like my toughness."

- He said Miami has shown Medium interest

- "Miami is one of my dream offers, i’ve always like the swagger that has been around the program.”

- His only offer is Syracuse as of now but that will definitely change.

- He said that his favorite part about the Junior day that has been different from when Al Golden was there, was the fact that all the players could speak to the coaches.

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So the coaches never spoke with the kids under Golden during junior day??? That makes no sense.
That's crazy that we ran junior days and the coaches weren't talking to kids. Boy were we so backwards. No wonder every kid was running from UM
Several mentioned new facilities, I have seen all the money spent, it is impressive
Would love to hear what K. Daley and Jarez Parks had to say about JR Day (if they were there)? Either one and the recent offer, Owen Carney would be a elite and speedy take.
More than enough said between the lines......

"The new coaching staff really believes in Mark Richt & they’re 100% behind him, that’s kind of the biggest difference I see.”

2017 Miami Central DE Owen Carney.....
I heard Genron was at JR. Day.. With potentially two future 5 star recruits.... Ijs I heard 💃🏾👂🏼