June 22nd Camp Full Report

June 22nd Camp Full Report

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
**I'll steer clear from talking in length about Miami's four commitments from today and focus more on individual performances and other observations. If you would like to read about the commitments, check here - http://canesinsight.com/threads/53591-June-22nd-camp-central

**Booker T. Washington DE Chad Thomas was a participant in Saturday's camp, which was a partial surprise. Thomas handled business and continues to show why he is one of the top linemen in the country. There weren't any real competitors for him on the offensive line and he played like it. "It was a good experience with a nice atmosphere. I learned better technique with some moves," said Thomas.

**The top performer today in my eyes was North Carolina product Braxton Berrios. The slot receiver was putting on a show throughout the day with his precise routes, elite hands, and physical style of play. He showed the ability to beat press coverage and also make the defender pay for playing off of him. This is the prototypical slot weapon that could be a great compliment to the outside options Miami has added over the past few years. Here is my update with Berrios from after his meeting with Al Golden: http://canesinsight.com/threads/53586-Berrios-confident-offer-is-coming

**Another receiver who had an impressive showing was Dwyer's Clint Stephens, who Miami has offered. He has great burst and is a smooth route runner.

**Pelham, Alabama DT Braxton Hoyett was a participant today. He has a very interesting build, as he's longer than I expected. He has long legs and arms...I could see him as a strongside defensive end at the next level. He was impressive in one-on-ones. Hoyett beat the same lineman twice in a row and a grad assistant Kareem Brown screamed, "Alabama 2, Dade County 0."

**The University School offer drought is over as Miami offered 2015 DB Rashard Causey after camp. Causey has good size and was also the fastest man winner.

**Miami Northwestern Luther Campbell was at camp yet again today for the third straight time. He was with Golden a good amount today.

**One more note on Berrios - I asked both new commit Dennis Turner and Rashard Causey if there was anyone who stood out to them and they had similar answers.

Turner: A small, quick receiver.
Me: Number 8? (Berrios)
Turner: Yes! (laughs). He had some moves.

Causey: "Number 8. He’s a good player. Strong, physical, and good speed on him too."

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Pete campaigning for my homie B squared. Hope he gets that offer and commits. Offense going forward has the potential to be playstation like.
Did they only cover Seniors cause Jr. Shaquille Green 82# Blue and white jersey also killed it out there.
the kid is Puerto Rican...lol...

aint no B Rabbit in em