Jayion McCluster Prepares For His Junior Season

Jayion McCluster Prepares For His Junior Season

Miami already has three linebackers committed in the 2019 class, but this will not stop them from loading up again in 2020. One of the rising juniors in the state is 6’1.5’’ 200 pound Jayion McCluster from Largo. McCluster, who plans on weighing 215 pounds by the time he arrives at the college of his choosing, is coming off of a breakout sophomore season.

“It was unexpected for me. When I came as a freshman I played running back. Then my sophomore year, that's when I switched to defense and started playing safety. That’s really when I blew up, when people saw me playing defense. It really blew up out of nowhere.”

While McCluster is happy about how well he played last season, he also knows how important his junior season is for colleges.

“This year I’m playing Mike linebacker. I just want to be a leader on my defense, I want to win another district championship, and I just want to be better than I was last year.”

Spring football was somewhat of a transitional period for McCluster as he moved down to the Mike linebacker spot.

“It was different for me. It was my first time playing Mike linebacker. I adjusted to it kind of late. I started off kind of slow. I had a few tackles. It was a new feeling so I was just getting the feel of linebacker for that first game.”

McCluster has proven to be a very versatile player and he sees this as one of his best attributes.

“Any position on the field you could put me in and I'll play it. I could play running back, receiver, linebacker, back at safety I can cover. I could do anything. I’m versatile.”

Earlier this year, McCluster had offers from Florida and Florida State, but Miami was yet to offer. Once the Canes decided to pull the trigger, his entire recruitment took a turn.

“I wasn't expecting it really. I had Florida. I had FSU. When I got it, I wanted to get down there real fast. So, I went down to the sophomore thing they had to watch practice. It immediately got in my top schools.”

McCluster spent time with Coach Pakte talking about how Miami would use him on the field.

“We went in the film room and we talked about the strong safety/outside linebacker (striker) role it was pretty cool.”

Every recruit who watches Miami practice is impressed by what they see, and McCluster is no different.

“It was a lot of energy. A lot of competition. They were scrimmiging and everyone was full speed. They were running everywhere. Even the athletes around it, everyone had a lot of energy. The coaches had a lot of energy. They are trying to get somewhere this year.”

Miami offered McCluster as a linebacker, so obviously that is the position he paid attention to the most.

“They were physical just like the safeties. The safeties were physical too. Everyone is physical on that defense.”

McCluster did not watch many Miami games in 2017, but he heard a lot of good things.

“I didn’t watch a lot, but I saw FSU and Miami. I heard it was just a turn around and everyone is looking for them to do big things this year.”

For 2018, McCluster sees the Canes having a year that could be as good or better than 2017.

“I think that defense is really gonna help them out a lot. I think another good season. The defense will step up and the offense is gonna bring a lot.”

While FSU and UF are currently recruiting McCluster the hardest, he still wants an offer from Clemson and Alabama. McCluster is on pace to enroll early in college and plans on making a decision during his senior season. McCluster did just visit FSU for their big recruiting camp, but he says he wants to get back to Miami. No solid plans are in place right now. Coach Dugans and Coach Pakte are leading his recruitment. While McCluster does not know anyone on the current roster, he is friends with Miami commits Tre’von Riggins and James Williams.


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I understood from before that he was being recruited as a safety, I like the clarification that it is for Striker actually. Makes sense. He fits the bill. If my memory serves me correct, he is Dexter McCluster younger brother or cousin. Good bloodlines.
Do you know the hold up on offering Miles Brooks, read he was on campus Friday ?
If it was up to me he would have been offered by now. The staff may have a different evaluation than me. He was on campus Saturday, but he was at UF Friday.
He is much better on defense... solid hitter!
Love this kid...I predict Bama will end up being on him heavily. He is an animal either at LB or growing into a traditional backer, maybe even Mike.