Instant Reaction: Canes beat Kansas State for Baha Mar Hoops Championship

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Sweet! One thing this football season has hyped me for—is hoops
Going live at 6 pm to recap Miami's win over Kansas State.

Good summary, @Peter Ariz . Was thrilled to see the team play so well against good (not great) teams, and happy to start 5-0.

As a fan of Bensley's, I'm happy to see him in the starting 5. I have loved his defense over the past couple of years, but he seems to have turned the ball over a few more times than normal, maybe it's the increased minutes, just something to monitor and clean up.

Wooga actually is starting to LOOK like Jordan Miller, with that thin angularity and cuts to the basket with elevation. All he needs to do is smile more, like what Jordan did.

Norchad is darn near unstoppable with his moves, though he is going to miss a few shots close as he battles. I'm ready to tolerate a few of his 3-point shots if it opens things up for him down low, but the solo ball handling needs to stop, we have sooooooo many guards who can do that for him.

Pack is still a great shooter. I was shocked that he had ZERO assists, given the fact that we are trying to emphasize his role as a point guard.

I'd also love to see the second five get more minutes. I love Coach L, but his short bench always makes me nervous.