Injury updates with Richt comments

Injury updates with Richt comments

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Spoke to Mark Richt earlier tonight about Adrian Colbert and Courtel Jenkins' knee injuries. Those updates and more below:

Eye on the U | Miami Herald &

***If you thought the Canes' defense was in bad shape physically, it has gotten worse. The Palm Beach Post reported Thursday that starting cornerback Adrian Colbert, a graduate transfer from Texas, tore the meniscus in his knee Wednesday "and could miss multiple weeks," and that defensive tackle Courtel Jenkins, who we knew wouldn't be playing, had surgery for a torn meniscus. Colbert had an interception that he ran back 46 yards to the FAMU 40 -- the second of his career -- in the opener. UM scored five plays later. Until now, all the injuries and/or dismissals had been among the D-line and linebackers. Sophomore Sheldrick Redwine is the player expected to replace Colbert, with other young corners available, such as Michael Jackson, the speedy Malek Young, Ryan Mayes and Terrance Henley.

On Thursday night, coach Mark Richt confirmed to Miami Herald correspondent Peter Ariz and to two other reporters at a community park in Pembroke Pines, that both Jenkins and Colbert had medical procedures. The University of Miami had put out a press release saying Jenkins and Colbert had "lower extremity'' injuries and wouldn't play Saturday against FAU. When Ariz asked Richt about the report of Colbert "dealing with a knee issue," Richt said, "Yeah, he won't play for sure this week. Not a season-ending thing. It'll probably be a matter of days. I don't know how many days.''
Ariz: "Did he have to have a procedure?"

Richt: "Yeah, he got cleaned up.''

Ariz: "Same thing with Courtel?"

Richt: "Yeah, same thing.''

Then, Richt said: "Football is a contact sport... Neither one of these are too serious.''

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I think this is a clear indication that when we get interceptions our guys need to go down immediately or they risk injury.
Hey Pete, will there be any recruiting podcasts anytime soon?
Youre doing good work Pete. Dont let your head get any bigger, though.