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IMG OL Dunlap talks surprise visit to Miami

IMG OL Dunlap talks surprise visit to Miami

Peter Ariz

IMG Academy offensive lineman Curtis Dunlap punched his ticket to the Opening Finals in Oregon on Sunday afternoon in Davie. On Saturday though, he made a surprise visit to Miami's campus in what looks like was a major positive for the Hurricanes.

"I was coming to the Opening," Dunlap said. "I had been wanting to visit Miami anyways and it was perfect timing with Art (Sitkowski) going to visit and everything worked out good."

Dunlap added that he "had an idea" Sitkowski would be committing to Miami "because he had been talking about them a lot".

"The campus was beautiful and the game was even better. We went to the Duke-Miami game and it was a great experience," he said.

Dunlap also seemed to be impressed by Miami offensive line coach Stacy Searels. The two of them are building a relationship.

"Coach Searels is a great coach. I didn't get to sit down with him too much, but I'm giving him a phone call Monday night to talk with him for a little bit, but he's a great dude."

Miami's plan for this past Saturday was to gather a group of elite targets and keep the number of prospects on campus small in order to give each of them a special experience. Dunlap certainly felt like Miami's head coach was actively engaged in the day's events.

"Coach Richt sat with us the whole time when we were eating and everything. It's not often that the head coach is with you for most of the day and showing you all of the attention. He knew all of our names and where we were from. He took the time and it was more meaningful," he explained.

Sitkowski is not the only potential Canes signee in this class with Miami prioritizing Brian Hightower at the receiver spot as well. So what are the chances that Dunlap and Hightower continue playing together in college?

"We've talked about it and we're just going to work it out, but it might be highly likely," Dunlap said.


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Comments (58)

FWIW I've heard Miami made a big move with Dunlap this weekend.
Bring me Dunlap, Reed, and Barnes for this OL class. Wish we could get in on that giant OL Faalele from IMG. Kid is a monster.
Scaife will be a 4 star by next week imo. He and silvera will move up alot
Dunlap, Reed, Scaife, and any decent OT prospect would make this a fantastic class.

Right now OL is tied with WR and S as the second most important units to shore up in this class. Obviously, RB-DT-CB are the most important.
Lingard said miami can get who they want right now and he might not be lying.
Dunlap, Barnes, Scaife, and Reed...please. Let's get out of the Golden era of the low 3 star guys, "high" 2 star guys. Build from in the inside/out and we get rings.
Any recent film on Dunlap or Scaife
Is Dunlap a Guard or Tackle?

I feel like we need a few Tackles in this OL class, but Scaife, Reed, Barnes, Dunlap, etc. all seem to be future interior guys
Is Dunlap a Guard or Tackle?

I feel like we need a few Tackles in this OL class, but Scaife, Reed, Barnes, Dunlap, etc. all seem to be future interior guys
Barnes is one of the best tackles in the country. Just because someone is 6'4 doesn't mean they can't play tackle. Duane Brown says hi
Is Dunlap a Guard or Tackle?

I feel like we need a few Tackles in this OL class, but Scaife, Reed, Barnes, Dunlap, etc. all seem to be future interior guys

Get em campus and figure it out later...best 5 will play imo
It's nice to be able to sit back, watch and enjoy.

A few years ago when the former coach would have our class top 5 because we had 18 commits 11 months early I never even paid attention because it was obvious we'd lose the few elite guys we had after we **** the bed and Bama/FSU/UF/OSU came in and picked whoever they wanted.

Nice to have a real staff and have that trust. It seems as if they always have a plan whether it's grad transfers to sure up thin areas or moving guys around. Seems we have a good defensive scheme and development now. Still slightly concerned with the offense but think Brad's immobility hurt us there.

In a year or two our OL will be sick, RB stable will be elite, WR elite, Perry/Sits someone will be fine. We seem to always be fine at TE.

College football always seems to run in cycles and it's FINALLY our turn again. Can't wait.

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