Homestead-Southridge Thoughts

Homestead-Southridge Thoughts

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
-First off, what a huge win for Homestead. Their coaching staff did a great job of getting their players ready this week after the disappointing loss against Killian last week.

-Neither offense could really get into a great flow, but Homestead just pounded away at the Spartan defense all night long and it eventually wore them down late in the game. Homestead was running a lot of sets with two running backs and just plowing forward. Because of this, Ermon Lane was not really involved on the offensive side of the ball for the Broncos, but he was still a great decoy because Southridge still had to keep close tabs on him with their two best defensive players, Jamal Carter and Lamar Robbins.

-Jamal Carter was playing corner for a majority of the game and covering Lane. This worked to Homestead's advantage because it took Carter out of the box and forced him to pretty much stay away from the running game. As the game went on, Lane started playing in the slot and Carter dropped back into his safety spot. He looked very physical while on Lane and had a couple nice punt and kickoff returns. His athleticism, physicality, and emotion was evident from this game.

-A player who impressed me from the Southridge side was Lamar Robbins. The 6'3 DB has some nice offers and is considered a 4* on rivals. He is lanky and rangy and made a couple nice plays over the top in coverage. He is somebody to keep an eye on as the season progresses.

-Homestead safety Edwin Berry had a big night for the Broncos. He made some big tackles in the run game on Spartans RB Jamal Adjamah, who also had a nice game.

-2015 RB Johnnie Hankins carried the load for the Broncos in the run game. He was running tough between-the-tackles all night long and had some tough short-yardage runs as well. He scored the touchdown that put Homestead on the board.

-Overall, it was a disappointing performance for Southridge as they will face Columbus next week in another test. QB Troy Cook must improve on tonight's game in order to take the Spartans where they are capable of. A lot of credit should also go to the Homestead defense, which used blitzes all night to confuse to really put a lot of pressure on Cook.

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