Hallmon Waiting on Miami

Hallmon Waiting on Miami

Tito Benach
Hallmon Waiting on Miami

2014 CB Deion Hallmon was one of the big three prospects in Cypress Bay’s talented secondary including Marquese Dudley Gordon and Joseph Boaz. The tremendous trifecta have been playing with each other since their pop warner days.

“Playing with them was like family, we grew up together so we know what to expect from each other, we all played on the same optimist team. Like I know if I get beat I don’t have to worry about it because Marquese has got it over the top. So we know what we are capable of.”

The speedy corner was apart of the Lightning team that made it all the way to the 8A state championship before coming up short against Apopka.

“In my mind, everyday in practice, the back of my head I think “redemption”. Like go all out, work hard and get our team back up there. Me and Marquese are going to be playing both ways next year, so it’s gonna be great.”

The Cypress Bay product has been getting major interest from university’s all around the nation and has a large list of schools after him.

“The recruiting process has been going good. I started off with one offer before this season and then during my junior year I got two more and then after the season it got big. Right now, I have thirty two offers.”

Some of the schools interested in the rising senior, include Oregon, FSU, NC State, Missouri and Florida.

One school that seems to stand out from all the others is the hometown Miami Hurricanes.

“Miami, thats been my school growing up. I’ve been a Miami fan because my dad went there he played DB with all the greats like Ray Lewis, Chad Wilson all of those guys. Even today I still wear Miami gear all the time.”

Hallmon is in constant contact with the staff and seems to have built a great relationship with both head coach Al Golden and defensive coordinator Mark D’onofrio.

“I’ve been talking to Miami a lot really, they came to my spring game and they love me a lot. They like me at receiver to because when I went to there camp during the last summer, I ran a 4.46 and won the fastest man award. Coach Golden is a real funny guy, he made me do drills with him and do it personally to. Coach D’onofrio he loves me too, he met my mom and he is really nice.”

Miami is the only school that hasn’t offered Hallmon yet, but Hallmon is holding a good attitude to it.

“I don’t know, I don’t know what’s going on with the offer. I mean I think it should be coming soon so we’ll see. I don’t want to eliminate Miami just because they are the only ones that haven’t offered. I don’t want to start think that “Oh Miami just isn’t gonna offer me.”

Hallmon did give most ‘Cane fans a little bit of hope when asked if he would commit if offered.

“It would be a good chance, 50/50 because if it was at DB, I would have to think about it, but it’s a good chance. But I’m just trying to figure out what’s the hold up, because they say they love my film.”


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Nice work Tito....

But LMMFAO at greats like Chad Wilson...lololololololololol
he is going to get offered late, he looks good but lammons, patten and springs still have us high
Thoughts on him and MDG? Both are dying for a Cane offer. Has anyone seen them live or recently??
Is Jack's boy camping on 2 June?
Hope we leave him at corner. We need to get back to speed on D. Always use to put the best and fastest on D first. then switch to O if needed. I think Eddie Brown was db then moved over. Speed kills!
You can never have too many lock down corners. If he has the goods regardless of who we are waiting on, you offer and sort all that crap out later.