GrimeTime Game of the Week Video (Week 3): South Dade vs. Miami Northwestern

GrimeTime Game of the Week Video (Week 3): South Dade vs. Miami Northwestern

Cory Grimes
South Dade vs. Miami Northwestern was Dade County football at its finest. Jonathan Dennis and the South Dade offensive line held fellow Miami commit Sam Brooks and the Northwestern defense to a fairly quiet evening. Both teams had major special team woes leading to momentum swings all night. Isaiah Velez, Jacquez Stuart, Kahil Brantley and others helped move the ball for the Northwestern offense all night, but it just wasn't enough. Clemson commit Frank Ladson splashed on the scene with a big 60 yard TD from South Dade lefty QB Demetrius Burns, and Jaiden Francois reeled in yet another pick to continue an impressive start to 2018 for the 2020 Miami commit. Sophomore Tyler Johnson, brother of Jaquan Johnson, and GrimeTime Player of the Game led the defense with a huge 3 sack night terrorizing the Northwestern O-line. With standing room only at Harris Field, South Dade held on for a gritty 20-18 win as Northwestern missed a potential game winning FG late.

Coverage by yours truly
Editing by Ryan Nelson
And a special shoutout to B. Morin (@thekidmorin on Twitter) a diehard Canes fan who has been the official music that you've been hearing on the Friday Night InSight Podcast and GrimeTime Game of the Week videos. Support a fellow a Cane and keep your ears open for more music from him.

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I know but JJ will be gone to block outsiders trying to snatch him up. Plant that seed ASAP