Golden excited about leadership

Golden excited about leadership

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Al Golden spoke to the media before practice four of fall camp.

**Any update on Danny Isidora or Anthony Chickillo?
“No. Danny I believe is going tomorrow to the specialist. Chick will be integrated a little bit today and more by tomorrow. I’m looking at him right now and he’s moving around so he should be fine.”

**On the biggest difference from a year ago:
“As I said in the spring, there’s just more of a maturity, more of a poise and everybody knows what to do. Again, when you play with that many young guys you’re just constantly fighting battles that have nothing to do with the end result. Now we’re more finite with what our focus is and we’re really focusing on the details because the guys know the systems and what the explanations are. I think we’re clearly getting the best leadership that we’ve had and we have a lot of guys moving in the same direction.”

**Coaching-wise, that makes a huge difference when you know guys can handle what you’re throwing at them.
“It does. It doesn’t diminish the threats our opponents pose to us, but it does allow you to focus on your job and like I’ve said this has been the most enjoyable 8-10 weeks that I’ve had here and again it’s a credit to Stephen (Morris) and Shayon (Green), and Brandon Linder, and Allen Hurns and all those guys. Everybody wants to do the right thing and everybody wants to get ‘The U’ back, period.”

**On consistency:
“We weren’t consistent last year from week-to-week and within the game for certain games. You look at Georgia Tech, it was high, low, high. If you want to be a contender, if you want to be a really good team, you have to be obedient to the process everyday and approach everyday the same whether you had a good day, a bad day, or whether you had a big win, or you suffered some adversity and that’s the only way you can win bunches of games in a row.”

**How much does it help you guys that there are some kids who aren’t back that maybe were a distraction last year and maybe took some attention away from the football field?
“All I’ll say about that is by answering that question Ill be taking attention away from the football team and guys who are doing it the right way. I think we all know the bottom line there and if you don’t appreciate and aren’t grateful for the opportunity that you have at the University of Miami and you don’t want to operate within our core values and within our system and certainly the community and University’s system, then there’s no place for you here. That’s why these pictures are around this practice facility now and that’s why they’re inside the building. I can’t wait for you guys to see it on Friday. Just so they understand our values here, so they understand who played here and what they represent and I think we have the right guys on the train right now.”

**With the leadership, how much do you lean on those guys to make sure the young guys are going the right way not only on the field, but off the field?
“The good teams always come from the ground up. It doesn’t matter what anybody says. The good teams have leadership, talent, and the absence of distractions.”

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