Freshman Friday Tight End U Edition Part 1 Welcomes Brevin Jordan

Freshman Friday Tight End U Edition Part 1 Welcomes Brevin Jordan

Cory Grimes
Freshman Friday

Freshman Friday is back this week, and it’s twice as nice. It’s a two part edition on a pair of young men who look to follow in the footsteps of arguably the most storied position in UM history. I’m not even begin to ramble on about the history of tight ends at the U. We all know the deal. Now, there’s a duo on Greentree who can carry the torch and continue the legacy. In part 1 of Freshman Friday Tight End U Edition, it’s the man all the way from Las Vegas. Some might say Todd Hartley hit the jackpot when he landed this recruit. CanesInSight welcomes Brevin Jordan to the Hurricane family.

Scouting Report

The #1 ranked TE in the country, 3 time HS national champion and captain at the Under Armour All American game, Brevin Jordan is one of the most explosive tight end prospects that I’ve personally seen in recent memory. Quite frankly, the title of tight end doesn’t do Brevin Jordan justice when trying to describe his game. For Bishop Gorman, he did it all for their offense and racked up 63 catches, 1111 receiving yards and 13 TD grabs. Oh and 3 rushing TD’s for good measure. He did it from every position on the field. Whether it was flexed out at receiver, traditional TE, H-back or Wildcat QB, Jordan was giving the opposition ****. He’s an extremely confident young man who expects nothing less than greatness from himself. At 6’3 around 250, he’s much more than a TE. He’s one of the best athletes on the field every time he laces em’ up.

Jordan is a crisp route runner and has the acceleration to create separation against defensive backs. I would say his hands are good but not great at this point. With that being said, he has a knack for making contested catches. It’s almost like Jordan would prefer a defender in his face or a slightly misplaced ball just so he can make a highlight reel play. All that is exciting and all, but he is listed at TE for a reason. He is a willing and effective blocker as the end man on the line of scrimmage, but he is going to have to take this part of his game to a whole new level as he enters college. In HS, he was lined up out wide a huge percentage of the time. In college, those numbers will be cut down, so I imagine his blocking technique will be a huge point of emphasis for Todd Hartley in Jordan’s early time at Miami.

My favorite part about Jordan’s game is what he does once he has the rock in his hands. I see a lot of tight ends who catch the ball and just kind of run straight until an opposing DB chops their legs out from under them. Not this guy. With tremendous balance to bounce off would be tacklers and agility to make guys miss in the open field, he has a legitimate running back skill set. Get the man the ball and watch him work. That’s not usually a thought when talking about a TE, but Jordan is just different. Jordan is an offensive coordinator’s best friend because there are so many different ways to deploy him. I look at the way NC State used their Swiss army knife last year, Jaylen Samuels, to portray the way Jordan can be used. Those guys up in Tallahasee know all about Mr. Samuels, as he ripped them apart from every position on the offense with 12 catches, 2 TD’s (1 rushing) and even completed a pass in that game. I’m not comparing Samuels to Jordan, as I believe Jordan is an exponentially better athlete and overall better football player, but I believe Jordan has the tools to be used in a similar fashion. It will be interesting to see just how creative CMR will be willing to get with Jordan.

2018 Predictions

It was no secret that the TE position was in flux before Jordan and Mallory landed on campus. With all due respect to Irvin, and I wish him a speedy recovery, the TE position was Jordan’s for the taking with Irvin healthy or not. The injury just accelerated the process for Todd Hartley. Jordan will be vaulted into the #1 TE role from the giddy up.

I believe Jordan immediately adds another weapon to the passing offense. He will be able to create all different kinds of mismatches. Jordan will play a pivotal role in improving the offenses red zone struggles. He will have more than his fair share of chances to reach the end zone this year. Jordan and Mallory, who we’ll hear about in part 2, complement each other very well, and I can’t wait to see some packages with both those guys on the field at the same time. Since Jordan landed on campus in the summer, it is going to take some time for him to fully grasp the playbook, so we may see him in a more traditional role early in the year. Moving forward, on top of being flexed out and on the line, I think we’ll see a lot of Jordan at an H-back type role. I have no reservations saying that Jordan will be a key contributor on Miami’s passing offense this year. However, I am interested to see how well Jordan’s blocking ability carries over early on. He’s shown the skills to do so, but the transition from blocking high school defensive ends to blocking defensive ends from LSU isn’t always smooth.

Jordan was one of the biggest additions from this past year’s class. The second he set foot on Greentree the offense got better. While I often like to let things play out before dubbing someone the next great one, this man from Vegas is the closest thing to a sure bet, and I don’t think I am alone in saying that I am all in on Brevin Jordan.

Comments (15)

Hard to figure out what freshmen on offense I'm more excited to watch this year especially with the new redshirt rule.

I miss this problem. I'm glad it is back.
I think losing Herndon at the end of last year hurt us more than anything when it came to our losing streak. He was so important to us not only blocking but creating miss matches with LBs and Safeties covering him one-on-one.

The epitome came against VT when Richards ran a route that made the safety come help and close down on him which freed up Herndon to rumble down the sidelines and just score with ease.

I am hoping Jordan can be utilized in similar fashion and can block eve half as good as Herdon was able to. Add in Mallory and teams just won't be able to stop us. They can only try and contain us.
The kid needs to run block a lot better at the point of attack. hUh.
Hopefully Jordan and Mallory are both next in line in the Franks, Shockey, Winslow Jr, Olsen, and Njoku in The U’s TE first-round lineage.
So much you can do with these 2 young Tight Ends!!! Excited to watch these kids Jordan is a grown man already at 250 he is going to be a weapon! I love Mallory at 6'5 with speed once he adds a lil more weight watch out! As pass catchers there going to help out big time i think this will help Malik out alot!!! When Herndon went down we pretty much had no TE production its a blessing to have these 2 kids!
Im predicting at least 2 Mackey Awards for 'Korean Air' Jordan and then Mallory to win one
I can't wait to see the progression of those 2. I am keeping my expectations as low as my bias will let me for the first half of the season....and it's tough.

but, it's gonna be a thing of beauty to watch them mold into 2 of the top TE's in college football.

After DT and QB, TE was the position that separated Miami from the rest of college football. This kid looks like he belongs.
Jordan is going to light it up his frosh year. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him snag 600yds and 6TD’s all the while learning how to play the TE position in college. Give Mallory 350yds and 2TD’s and the dynamic duo will almost put a grand in catching yards and 8TD’s. Boy who could use that kinda production but our offense! That will open up HUGE holes for our tailbacks and more catches even for all the wideouts. This offense is going to be unreal this year, bet it!
Mike Irvin getting injured was a blow to the offense early on. However forcing these young TE into the lineup will be a blessing in disguise. Go Canes
Im predicting at least 2 Mackey Awards for 'Korean Air' Jordan and then Mallory to win one
Is that the same airline with famed pilot Sum Ting Wong? Along with crew members We To Low, Ho Li Fuch.

Best prank of all time!