Duke Johnson speaks on day 1 of camp

Duke Johnson speaks on day 1 of camp

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami star running back Duke Johnson met spoke with the media on the first day of fall camp.

**On how he feels about the start of fall camp:
“I’m excited, just ready to get out here and play some football. The whole summer we’ve been doing strength and conditioning, but it’s time to get down to football and I’m ready for it.”

**On dealing with high expectations going into the season:
“We just have to go out there and play the best we can week in and week out, so the expectations is not really a thing that we’re concerned of.”

**On how he has changed physically from last season:
“I’ve probably gained eight pounds of muscle. I feel better and more powerful. I haven’t lost anything, just putting on the right kind of weight.”

**On how things will change this season considering he is a known commodity:
“Our game plan will never change. It will be the same week in and week out. Just because someone knows me, that’s not going to change who we are.”

**On the difference between fall camp and summer workouts:
“It feels very different just having the coaches out here with us and actually bonding and having a great time.”

**On what he would consider a “successful” camp”:
“A successful camp would just be injury-free and everybody getting better day-by-bay. Everybody getting better mentally, as well as physically.”

**On his confidence in the offense:
“I always had confidence in the offense. Not one time did I lose confidence in the offense and our abilities not once last year no matter which game it was out there. We just had minor mistakes and things we can fix. We have more confidence (this year) because of the leadership ability of Stephen Morris and our returning o-line.”

**On if his mindset is any different from last year knowing that he won’t be splitting carries with Mike James:
“Not really, the mindset is the same. Mike James did a great job last year of mentoring me and helping me come along and that’s all I have to do with the younger guys that’s coming in and also help the older guys come into themselves.”

**On the importance of the receivers to the offense:
“It’s very important. We add another notch to our offense with those guys and it’s very important. I think they’re gonna have a good year. If they stay consistent and work hard they’re gonna do good.”

**On what he needed to improve on from last season:
“First off, I had to put on more weight so I could avoid injuries and not go down midseason and my conditioning, but mainly my leadership. I just had to become more of a leader and help these other guys along.”

**Is it tough to be a leader as a sophomore?
“It really doesn’t matter. With the kind of team we have, anyone can lead. It doesn’t matter of you’re a freshman, sophomore, it doesn’t matter. The way our team is with each other, anybody can lead and anybody can take the backseat and let you lead.”

**On if he enjoyed returning kicks last season?
“I enjoyed it a lot. Just another thing to help my team get better field position and score. I wouldn’t be disappointed if I wasn’t back there just because I know if they were going to take me off, they’re going to put someone back there who’s capable of doing what I did.”

**On if it’s a good time to be a receiver at Miami considering Stephen Morris will have a lot of time to throw behind a strong offensive line:
“Right now, from the offensive side, it’s a good time to be anything. Having a star quarterback and all five linemen coming back, it’s just a great time to be on the offense.”

Interview transcribed off video by hurricanesports

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the look on his face during that interview was priceless. Not a single solitary **** was given. LOVE IT!!