Duke Game Day - Week 10

Duke Game Day - Week 10

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
Miami makes the trip to Duke in hopes of breaking their recent 2 game losing skid. A 10 win season is still a possibility. We also need to keep winning in case Virginia Tech manages to trip themselves up again.


All week people have been fretting over a potential loss to Duke in football. A Duke victory would bring them another step closer to winning the Coastal Division. A division we have yet to win. I don't know what's worse, us losing to Duke or them winning the division before we do. Both is probably the only acceptable answer.

Normally when your team is letting you down, a matchup with Duke is just the thing to make you feel a little bit better about them. It's pretty scary that we're only a 3 point favorite in this game. That has more to do with our play for the past month than anything Duke has done. It really shouldn't be a surprise either. Besides the fact that they're 7-2 (just like us), we haven't exactly dominated them since we joined this league. Sure we've won every game, but take a look at the scores from every game since we joined the ACC:

As you can see, only the meetings in 2005, 2008, & 2011 got out of hand. Also, in that 2008 game we were down by double digits early in the 3rd quarter. They put 45 points on us last year and our defense isn't all that much better from a year ago. Please win.


Where: Wallace Wade Stadium

Who: #23 Miami Hurricanes (7-2) vs. Duke Blue Devils (7-2)

When: 3:30 pm/et


Official message for this game:

Don't ******* lose to Duke!!!

That's really the only thing on my mind. Words really don't do justice to how awful it would be for Miami to lose today. I don't care how good Duke is. The perception of where this program is going under Golden takes a huge hit if we don't win.

Last time they met: November 24, 2012


What we said in our recap:

Me said:
...We only lose 2 starters from this team next year to graduation (Brandon McGee & Mike James). There's no telling what the sanctions will do to this team over the off season, but it will be better and have tons of experience on both sides of the ball. Last summer in my Season Preview, I said to expect a similar record to that of the 2008 team based on the amount of Freshman that were going to play. Well, both teams ended the regular season at 7-5. The following year UM went 9-3 in the regular season, and it's universally agreed that they underachieved. I'm not saying...I'm just saying...

10 wins or bust. Seriously, with as weak of a schedule that this team has faced, anything less than 10 wins at this point is an even bigger disappointment than 2009 was. Also there was this in the recap:


Pretty frustrating that a year later nothing much has changed.

Know your enemy: Blue Devil Nation

What they're saying:

Bob Green said:

The offense will find its groove and execute, while the defense will continue to play as an inspired unit. Simply stated, Duke has struggled on offense 10 of the last 12 quarters played, with the exception being the final two quarters in Charlottesville when they scored 28 points against the Cavaliers.

Coach David Cutcliffe pulled quarterback Anthony Boone in the 3rd Quarter of the N.C. State game after Boone tossed his third interception. Boone will be motivated to demonstrate he deserves to be the starting quarterback and team leader. Coach Cutcliffe will substitute Brandon Connette into the game in key short yardage situations and Connette will be equally motivated to demonstrate he belongs in the game so look for solid quarterback performances by both Boone and Connette this Saturday.

With the quarterbacks executing up to standards, Duke’s other playmakers will make things difficult for Miami’s defense. Creating opportunities for talented wide receiver Jamison Crowder without forcing the ball to him will pay huge dividends as Duke turns in a solid, balanced offensive performance...

Please don't lose to Duke.

Miami Notes

1. Allen Hurns feels pretty good about the season he's having.
2. Miami is about to begin a stretch of 3, must win, games.

3. Miami hopes to rebound and reach elusive 10 win mark.

Please win.

Duke Notes

1. Duke feels pretty good about being in Division hunt.
2. Duke can simplify division math with a win.
3. Duke is hoping for a "Sea of Blue" for the game.

We must lead the nation every year in opposing schools that have blue/white/black/red/whatever-outs against us.

Favorite Duke related Image, Photoshop, Video or Gif:


Miami Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart

Miami Injuries
11/14/13LBAlex FigueroaShoulderDoubtful
11/03/13RBDuke JohnsonAnkleOut For Season
10/20/13WRPhillip DorsettKneeOut Indefinitely
08/15/13OLDanny IsidoraFootOut Indefinitely
08/15/13OLHunter KnightonShoulderOut For Season

Duke Roster Stuff

2 Deep Depth Chart (PDF: Page 11)

Duke Injuries
11/15/13DBRoss ****rellAnkleProbable
11/14/13DLJonathan WoodruffArmDoubtful
11/14/13DLJordan DeWalt-OndijoLower BodyProbable
10/15/13DLJamal WallaceAnkleOut For Season
09/19/13DLA.J. WolfLegOut Indefinitely
08/30/13LBBritton GrierUpper BodyOut Indefinitely
08/30/13DBJared BoydLegOut Indefinitely
08/30/13QBThomas SirkAchillesOut Indefinitely
08/15/13OLTanner StoneAnkleOut For Season

Game Day Character:

We're in the midst of a losing streak. Everyone's down and out right now. We need the help of a mad man to get out of this rut.





Pretty please...

Beat Duke.....




Comments (18)

I'm hoping our defense improves this week.
VT ain't losing to UVA or Maryland. London may PWN Golden, but NOBODY else loses to that clown.
It'd be nice to have at least some semblance of a complete game before the year is out. You know, don't turn it over, play well on offense, defense, and special teams...think we can do that **** at least once this year?
It'd be nice to have at least some semblance of a complete game before the year is out. You know, don't turn it over, play well on offense, defense, and special teams...think we can do that **** at least once this year?

Sure, we play a complete game, once it doesn't matter. Like a bank that will loan you money once you're no longer in debt.*

* That's my General Kemper impersonation, when he likened the possibility of Britain coming out in support of the Confederacy.
I hope our Offense shows up and stays consistent. Consistently good that is.
"Please don't lose to Duke." That's the only thing I keep thinking too.
a loss to Duke sux ***, a win paves VTs way to coastal champs... jesus christ
Duke reminds me of ....us! Sadly.

They've escaped with wins against ****** teams and beaten one good program on the season.

I will not be suprised at a Duke win, but i will be disgusted.
That Hester return is inhuman, dude is a true legend to me (I'm sticking with positive thoughts).
F@ck Duke. The best player on our team is the punter. We've got issues.
Another great write up, Dan E. This dude's the best kept secret in UM journalism.
if morris struggles he stays in the game...on the road no boo birds..if he sucks next week its senior day he gets treated like Jacory and his final 4 pick game..

we might be 1-3 on this last leg unless Stephen gets his **** together ....
The D will play hard if SM and crew can get a lead...

Miami 41...Dook 23
I still think we are better off tanking this game.
************......we're going to lose to Duke, and I'm going to kick a puppy, and yell at my kid, and my wife is going to threaten to leave me like she does every Saturday.
11/03/13 RB Duke Johnson Ankle Out For Season
10/20/13 WR Phillip Dorsett Knee Out Indefinitely

If we lose this is why! Duke is the only great player we have, Dorsett is really missed too. Duke the team beat VT at VT, there is no reason for me to believe we beat Duke at Duke. It should be a close one without Johnson, with him we win. It looks like Golden is upgrading talent all over the field next year, we are not there yet....
Cant lose to Duke. Ever. It will set back the program. People will be fired.