DT Jenkins thrilled about commitment

DT Jenkins thrilled about commitment

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
After participating in last weekend’s Al Golden Football Camp, De Paul Catholic (NJ) DT Courtel Jenkins (6’1”, 315) got the good news that he had received an offer from the ‘Canes. It didn’t take long for him to decide that Coral Gables would be his home for the next four years, as he committed yesterday morning.

“The school is perfect academically. A degree from Miami means something. I’ll be majoring in business and it’s a top-ranked program there. I’ve trusted the coaches from day one and no they would never lie to me. They’re from Jersey, so that’s important that I have a little feeling of home. The campus is gorgeous and there’s no better opportunity out there,” said Jenkins.

With Miami’s desperate need at defensive tackle, Jenkins feels like he can make an impact early on.

“I’m a hard-worker and I get after it. I have a high motor and won’t stop until the final whistle blows. My engine keeps going and that’s what I pride myself on. The fans can expect me to work hard and contribute however I can. I want to help Miami win championships and bowl games.”

Jenkins sees himself as having the ability to stop the run and rush the passer.

“I’m a little bit of both actually. I can pass-rush and I can stop the run up the middle. I had 11 sacks last year, so that’s a lot for a defensive tackle.”

The newest ‘Canes commit described how he made it official.

“When I made my mind up yesterday, I sat down with my coach and we called Coach D’Onfrio and he put Coach Golden on the speaker phone, and then he told Coach Franklin, who was very happy.”

Jenkins was able to work with his future position coach over the weekend and spoke about his experience with him.

“Coach Franklin was a very high-paced guy with a lot of energy. I had met him before the camp and I felt comfortable speaking to him and being around him. He is a great coach and was pushing me at the camp, trying to get a lot out of me.”

Something that caught Jenkins’ eye with Miami is the way the ‘Canes have been recruiting Jersey the past few years.

“That was a part of my decision. They’re getting kids from Jersey, so I know I’ll go down there with other people from Jersey who know what it’s like to be from the North.”

One of Miami’s top prospects at safety is a close friend of Jenkins.

“I’m definitely going to try to get Kiy (Hester) down to Miami. He says he wants to visit and he likes them. Me and him hang out a lot and speak a lot. I think it would be great for him to come down here, but it’s about how he feels, not me.”

Jenkins says he is basically shutting down his recruitment.

“I’m pretty much done with recruiting. Some coaches hit me up yesterday asking if I had committed and they basically said ‘good luck’. I’m done with recruiting and not looking around at other schools. I’m very comfortable with my decision and by the time February 6th comes along, I will be signing my letter or intent with Miami.”

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Great article, Jenkins seems to have a good head on his shoulders. Jenkins saw what he wanted and took advantage of his opportunity, I wish more recruits would do the same. It's also great that he is shutting down recruiting and only focusing on Miami.
He was overall MVP of the Jersey NUC camp. Unusual for a DT. Kid looks solid.
This kid moves well in the box
With a great swim move vs interior linemans...

Great pull by #TeamALGOLDEN

Jenkins will play NT in 3-4 package
His film shows me he has a low and strong base, can get off blocks and moves well tackle to tackle. We need powerful and quick DT's to free up DE's to use their athletic abilities. Welcome to the U! If we can get 2 of the remaing 3 in Valentine, K. Clark ot T. Holley then we can start talking championships.
Sounds like a bright kid. Welcome to the U!
I would just ask Golden to make sure we only take the very best from the Jersey/NE area and exhaust our efforts with the State of Miami kids first. Do want to get labled as giving priority to Jersey and NE area kids because thats his roots.
My question is, How long till he's 400 lbs? Lol. He seems to be growing every time I read a new article, he gets about 5 lbs. heavier. Seriously though, love the get by Al and company.
if he can keep the weight...i can see a kid that replicates what Curtis Porter does.....He probably needs a redshirt yr for weight purposes but thats cool.
On his profile we have a video of his performance at the NJ camp.
I would just ask Golden to make sure we only take the very best from the Jersey/NE area and exhaust our efforts with the State of Miami kids first. Do want to get labled as giving priority to Jersey and NE area kids because thats his roots.

I dont care if these kids are from Alaska if they can play then get them here. If you havent noticed our local kids play games all year round. We should take them just cause they play football here? When we dominated we took our athletes from here and our big boys from everywhere. Looks like we are starting to do the same all over again.

Here is the vid that talks about him winning overall MVP.
nice interview.

but, Kiy Hester. 4-star safety? do want. pull him in Courtel
Yes sir, Hester would be a great addition. Could definitely use the depth. Not sure if Bush will stay for his senior season. I guess depending on how the team does over the next few years could determine that.