Dolphins 7 on 7 Recap

Dolphins 7 on 7 Recap

Tito Benach
Here a couple notes I took while there:

*Notice there are 65 teams there so I didn't get to see everybody

-Trayone Gray from Carol City is a man-child. When standing next to Trayone and not knowing who he is your under the impression that he has to play linebacker or safety but his talent and size at QB is unbelievable. He is supremely talented and it's a scary thought to consider that he can most likely play multiple other positions as well.

-Miramar CB Tyrek Cole was at the event and was showcasing his talent once again. One strength many don't see that Cole has is his Bump and run ability. He is very physical off the line and is able to stay with his receiver the entire way. Cole had a nice interception today.

-Jimmy Bayes was there and from the looks of it, Miami found the right guy to go after. Bayes has good strength and moves around in zone well. Obviously he showcases his zone coverage more in 7 on 7, but I really want to see how he does in man coverage one on one.

-JC Jackson was also there at the camp and has a much better performance then when I saw him at the I-M-G tournament. He has solid hands and good route running with the ability to get jump balls. He recently committed to Florida.

-Sam Bruce Jr. is an absolute nightmare for defenses. There has been talk that Bruce only excels in 7 on 7 just because there is no pads or physicality; I can tell you first hand that regardless of that Bruce is a flat out monster. His vertical skills, cutting ability and his great hands are only a preview of what he can turn into three years down the road from now. Bruce is quickly becoming one of the most exciting players in South Florida to watch.

-The Miami Central team went undefeated today which to many is no surprise. Central my favorite to win states this year which to many is most likely an obvious statement, but even after this upcoming season they're still going to look like a heavy favorite with guys like Calvin Brewton and Da'Vante Phillips etc.

-2015 Safety Kendrell Mcfadden really impressed me when I saw him play. He is by far the most physical of the three big safety's including Brewton and Jaquan Johnson. McFadden was matched up today playing corner and didn't allow a catch. He also has a bit of a mean streak to him which I would assume most would like to hear. It's going to be interesting to see what Miami does with those three safeties in Calvin Brewton, Jaquan Johnson and Kendrell McFadden, considering all are High D1 Caliber safety's.

Everyone else like Booker T, Central, Monarch and others I didn't get to see. There will be more info including interviews later today

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Good work. We haven't offered Jimmy Bayes yet right?
I want all three of those safeties