Current Commits: Looking Ahead

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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Taking a look at how the current Miami commits could potentially impact next year's team:

QB Kevin Olsen- While Olsen has a lot of hype surrounding him, he will most likely be redshirted his freshman year as Stephen Morris will still be starting and Ryan Williams backing him up. In a perfect world, Olsen would also sit behind Williams in his redshirt freshman year and then ultimately take over as a redshirt sophomore and have three years to start. These two years would give him the ability to mature physically and fully grasp the offense. It isn't out of the question that he could start in his redshirt freshman year, but ideally Williams would be good enough to start for a season.

RB Alex Collins- Assuming Collins sticks with the 'Canes, he should have a big role on next year's team. Mike James will have graduated and Collins is honestly at the size of an NFL every down back right now (5'11, 210). Duke will probably be the guy getting the most carries next year (around 15 a game), and Collins should be able to get about 10 carries a game.

WR Angelo Jean-Louis- Even though there were 5 receivers in the last class, AJL brings something different to the table from all of them. He has the potential to be the "alpha male" of a receiving corps that lacks one. He is big enough, fast enough, and physical enough to become one of the top 2 receivers on the team as soon as next season. A semester at Military school will be good for his preparation for the college level.

DT Keith Bryant- Bryant is another commitment that could see major playing time next season. His pass-rushing ability from the defensive tackle position is something that none of the current DTs on the roster have. I could easily see him working his way into the rotation next year and making a huge impact. He has the attitude, talent, and work ethic to do so.

TE Standish Dobard- It's difficult to project whether or not Dobard will see playing time next year. He is very well-rounded and doesn't have any major flaws in his game, but not "incredible" at anything. He would benefit from dropping some weight, which will surely happen once he gets into the weight room at Miami. While Dye and Cleveland are not spectacular, I don't see him beating out two seniors next year. He could work into some formations, though.

DB Artie Burns- Burns could wind up at CB, but I see him starting out at safety here. The need for safeties is evident, as Deon Bush is already playing a majority of the snaps as a true freshman. Telemaque will have graduated and AJ Highsmith still hasn't made a stamp. Burns will be a valuable special teams player and work his way onto the field as a safety.

DB Jamal Carter- Very similar to Burns, Carter will play early on at safety. He won't play corner here though, he is a safety all the way. Like I mentioned with Burns, the need for safeties is huge and Carter has the physical ability to play early. It will be up to how quickly he learns the playbook that determines how much he sees the field.

OG Alex Gall- Gall is ideally a prospect who redshirts as a freshman, but he may not be able to because of the lack of interior linemen. Feliciano and Linder will hold those starting spots next year, with Danny Isidora, Jermaine Johnson, Hunter Wells, and Jared Wheeler battling for the back-up spots. Neither Wells or Wheeler have shown promise, but if them being 3rd team means Gall could redshirt, then I'm all for it.

TE Jeremy Kerr- There has been constant speculation the Kerr could wind up as an offensive tackle, but I don't see it happening. He will have a blocking role from the tight end position, but there is enough depth there for next year that he should be able to redshirt, which would benefit him in a big way. He is a more valuable piece to this class than people give him credit for.

TE Travis Johnson- This is an interesting case. While Johnson is nowhere near where he needs to be from a physical standpoint, I could see him having a role on the team next season. As it is right now, the tight ends aren't featured in the offense, but that's because there aren't really any very capable pass-catchers on the team (Walford and Cleveland have been inconsistent). Johnson would give Jedd Fisch a big-bodied weapon at his disposal and I don't see him passing that opportunity up to use him.

Ray Lewis III- Lewis III will play either RB or DB, but it's looking more and more like DB. He should redshirt and needs to. Lewis III needs to add major weight and is probably a couple years away from making an impact.


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I have no idea who Jermaine Jones is, Brynn Ariz.
we need OL.... J. Tunsil.... I wish we had a shot at him
Duke and Collins, with Dillard for the Goal Line work. Sounds good. Then Sony can get a year to hang with Duke before he passes the torch.
Where are the edge rushers?
I may be wrong. But i believe we are going to pe playing mostly 3-4. our recruiting for last and the current year lead me to believe this. We are still going to run a 4-3 sometimes, but it looks like a 3-4 will be our base.
Peter, why do you say "Kerr is a more valuable piece to this class than people give him credit for." Because he will be the main blocking TE?
I'm gonna kick someone in the balls if we lose Collins.
I'm gonna kick someone in the balls if we lose Collins.

Yep. Collins is more important than Thomas. A workhorse back with speed and size is more important than a playmaking OLB in college any day of the week.
I'm gonna kick someone in the balls if we lose Collins.

Yep. Collins is more important than Thomas. A workhorse back with speed and size is more important than a playmaking OLB in college any day of the week.

Totally disagree. Thomas is the most important recruit in the class, would probably start from Day 1.

Also, don't want to get into the whole debate again but having a kid without a position and won't be ready for a few years seems like a reach in such a tiny class.