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Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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If Golden ends up at Penn State, I don't think the effects on recruiting would be as bad as people are making it out to be. If James Coley is retained (as he should be) then he would be the one to keep this class together. Kaaya thinks Golden is leaving because he hasn't denied anything publicly and he has already told me he will stick if Coley remains. He did say that schools are already using Golden potentially leaving against Miami.

Chad Thomas called me earlier asking if I knew what was happening, and he seems committed to the program rather than the head coach. FSU still wants him badly, but I don't think he goes anywhere. Demetrius Jackson is in the same boat.

Yearby is another one that will stick if Coley is retained. The OL is all solid, as are the wide receivers.

Defensively, the guy to worry about is obviously Valentine. He's not a lock as it is and LSU is using this already. Keeping Hurlie on staff would go a long ways to Valentine sticking.

Jenkins and Hester are two Jersey kids where it could be interesting. The Golden/D'Onofrio in-state ties were a big reason why both athletes committed but I know from talking to Jenkins that he is sold on the program. Don't know about Hester.

All of this is of course not an issue if Golden ends up staying, but I'm just giving an idea of what to look for based on the kids that I'm talking to about it. They are in the dark right now as are most canes fans.

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Key Assistants to me that have to stay, if another Coach comes in is these two:


Both I think have build solid relationships with S.FL recruits. Question is if Al sees this and takes them to PSU then are class can be in trouble.
But I don't think they would go??
How does Coley stay if we hire an offensive minded coach????
To Me Coley would benefit from a Offensive minded coach. let's say Chud was hire he could groom Coley to be a very good coordinator. U have to keep Coley the Dude is a Monster Recruiter in S. FL. Than add a Bonus QB Coach in Dorsey.
I'd definitely want Coley to be kept because of his recruiting prowess. Also, I don't think he's a bad OC, but clearly he has a bit to learn. KEEP.
Dorsey is a QB coach in the NFL

He isnt taking a paycut and demotion lol
golden can go if he like. however if he stayed i wouldn't be mad.
U are probability right on Dorsey .... But would be nice to have
Butch… LORD please more Butch Davis to Miami threads. Cane4Life