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Columbus vs. Southridge Thoughts

Columbus vs. Southridge Thoughts

Peter Ariz
-These two teams were coming into the game at two completely different sides of the spectrum. Columbus defeated rival Belen 49-3, while Southridge lost to Homestead 14-0. Not much changed for the two sides after tonight's game. Columbus was just the more disciplined and physical. The Spartans are going to have to change their ways soon because they face another tough test with 3-0 Killian next week.

-Miami commit Jamal Carter was incredible on kick returns. He returned it 3 times and each one was for 40 yards or more. I really don't know why Southridge doesn't use him on the offensive side of the ball a little bit because they could use a spark in the passing game. I'm guessing they don't want to overextend him because of his history with injuries, but it would definitely help them move the ball downfield. Defensively, he still has a ways to go as far as learning the safety position. He wasn't covering FSU commit Jesus Wilson like we expected, rather Lamar Robbins was doing that. Carter was very physical in the run game and not afraid to make a big hit all night. There were a couple of occasions where he didn't take the best angle on the ball carrier, but that is something he could learn with time. I really like his attitude on the field. He plays with a controlled rage.

-Jesus Wilson continued his incredible season. He beat Lamar Robbins for a TD about 30 yards and had a 50 yard reception on a screen. Word is that FSU wants to take him as a DB.

-Southridge 2014 RB Jamal Adjamah had a big night with all three touchdowns.

-Columbus handled their multiple suspensions well with Sophomore QB Andres Fernandez having a standout game. I wouldn't be surprised to see a possible
quarterback controversy brewing between him and Tucker Beirne, who was suspended and has not looked extremely sharp. Fernandez can run very effectively and adds another dimension to the offense.

-Columbus looks like the 8A favorite right now with both Miramar and Plant seem to be having down years.

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Where does Wilson prefer to play in college?

If Miami offers as a WR is there any chance he flips or is Miami pretty much Coley or bust at WR this year.
QB controversy after the kid moves from Colorado to play lol....daddy will write a check.

Where does Wilson prefer to play in college?

If Miami offers as a WR is there any chance he flips or is Miami pretty much Coley or bust at WR this year.

It's weird because early in the process we were recruiting him at corner and he didn't like that, but then FSU came in and offered and he committed shortly after. He is dead set on the Noles now, but if we had offered him early he would have been here most likely. He is the best player I've seen this year outside of Matthew Thomas.
We need to get on Wilson. It's early September. There is time to turn him. He is a sick talent who should not be let out of So Fla.
I am on that flipping Wilson bandwagon. Its at a minimum worth a shot
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