Cole Gives Update

Cole Gives Update

Tito Benach
2015 Miramar (Fla.) CB Tyrek Cole had a breakout season this year with terrific play in the secondary. His play also helped the Patriots make the playoffs. College coaches took notice of his strong sophomore outing.

“It feels great. It shows all the hard work I put, all the times I have been working out non-stop.”

Despite helping team to a playoff run, Cole isn’t satisfied and is looking to improve on becoming a leader for next year.

“I wanna be more vocal, I want to get this team to be more close. Last year our offense was too loose so I want everything to be compact.”

Despite Cole only being a sophomore, he has already attracted the attention of some of the top programs in the country.

Cole currently holds three offers from University of Florida, University of Miami and West Virginia. He is also speaking to schools such as Alabama and LSU.

Cole was humbled by the honor of receiving all three offers and is going to continue to strive for more.

“It makes me wanna work harder and be successful because I’m that type of player.”

Miami is a school that Cole has seemed to be a fan of for a while and like certain aspects about them.

“I love Miami because of the swag they got. I also love Miami because of the crowd and also Malcolm (Lewis) and Tracy (Howard) went there, so I like that.”

The rising junior prospect talked to several coaches from the Miami Hurricane staff including Coach McDonald and Coach Paul Williams.

Cole doesn’t know when he will pick a school, but when he does he does know one factor that will help him decide.

“Education, my mom always talks about education and also playing time. I wanna be able to play early.”

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2015 is loaded and could be a huge hall for AL .... we should be a great program to sell by 2015
Like the pipeline were kinda forming here with Miramar now hopefully it continues!! Get Grace to to commit already!
Nole or Gator lock, haven't decided yet but he is not coming here. "I also love Miami because of the crowd" :rollcanes:
Obviously he hasn't been to a game. The crowd?

Don't know why people make such a big deal about the crowd with sfl kids. The biggest crowd most of these kids ever played in front of is a couple thousand people. This isn't Texas, Alabama, or Ohio sfl kids are used to playing in front on small crowds. So while it's nice; outside of maybe a couple kids, I doubt many kids down here care that much.
Where are the comments of our resident Miramar insider?

I'm working on more installments of the Recruit Notebook for 2013 kids. In the meantime, Tito has done a great job with the younger kids. Much respect to him for that.

You'll hear more from me about Cole though, believe that.
Maybe he just likes the people that make up Miami crowds. Too many white people at those Gaytor games??
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I just hope i'm still alive when he takes the field in a semi crowded Joe Robbie:ohlord:
Don't worry about the crowd, by 2015 will have a full house :stormwarning: