CIS Mail Bag: Week 9

CIS Mail Bag: Week 9

Canes Legacy
Get pumped for gameday with a new Mail Bag. This week we talk tight ends, player comparisons, BBQ, and James Bond. Enjoy!

@JD08 (CanesInsight): Our offense has seemed a bit lackluster lately. Do you think Lashlee is deliberately boring us to death with inside zone runs? Does he have a lot more but hasn't shown it because we still came out with the win?

Lashlee is not deliberately boring us to death with the inside zone reads. That play is the staple of our rushing offense but what can happen more to provide some excitement is King keeping it more. That would have a dual effect of providing more big runs for King and loosening up the middle a bit for the RB room. Our OL doesn’t get much of a push so Lashlee is a little bit hamstrung in the run game. He definitely has more wrinkles in his back pocket which we’ll see as the year progresses, watch for some on Friday night. I have a feeling.

Ben (CanesInsight): Barbecue questions: 1) best meat? 2) dry or sauced? 3) best sauce? 4) where is the best barbecue made?

I will not sit here and say I’ve been to all the different states and tried their BBQ. I don’t lie like that, but I did spend a long weekend in Kansas City and had the privilege of trying multiple places and that to me was by far the best I’ve ever had. My friend and I got a platter at one of the places and I proceeded to need a 3 hour nap and nearly missed the rehearsal/welcome dinner for the wedding I was attending.

Best meat is ribs and burnt ends for me. Sauced. I prefer the St. Louis style sauce, sweet and tangy but has a little spice to it.

@ChicagoCane1992 (CanesInsight): Do you think we will see guys like Rivers and/or Traore get time at guard with Scaife and Clark struggling?

Justice alluded to Rivers improving and possibly getting some more PT in one of his press conferences recently. Rivers is a big, talented guy that will be a multi-year starter for us and with the way the guards have performed so far, why not give Rivers a chance to show what he can do.

@AllAboutTheU13 (CanesInsight): Who will be the next starting QB after King?

It depends on what King does. If King comes back, I think the answer is TVD after he gets another year of development. If King leaves, I think we hit the transfer portal and that guy would be the starter. The QB transfer portal will be real interesting this offseason.

@JOE'CANE (CanesInsight): How much will Brevin's return help the offense? What is your score prediction for Friday? Any notable recruiting news?

Jordan is our best player and his presence impacts the entire offense. His ability as our best pass catcher speaks for itself but he also is the focus point for the opposing defenses and his blocking is underrated. He’s the big piece of this offense. Score prediction is 33-17 with the Canes pulling away late. Recruiting has been at a standstill but we did offer Marvin Convington, an under the radar CB out of Texas recently. His interest is unknown at this point but we will see what happens. Once/if the NCAA decides to clarify the IC and scholarship cap situation, we will see final decisions being made for our last few spots.

@yessirking (CanesInsight): You can bring back two players from the 01' national championship team to help us close out the year - Who is it and why?

Fantastic question and one that I’ve gone back and forth with over the last few days. My first thought was we have to bring back the 2 most talented guys in Reed and McKinnie. The thought of pairing Reed with Bolden was a “wow” moment. However, with the way the current roster is and what we’ve seen through 6 games, we have 3 glaring deficiencies at guard, LB, and WR. So my answer is to bring back Andre Johnson and Jonathan Vilma. Dre gives us the #1 WR, 50/50 ball winner, and a down field threat this team lacks. You can’t leave him 1 on 1 on the outside like defenses have been doing lately. Vilma fixes the lack of instinct and athleticism we have at LB and would instantly be the QB of the D making everyone around him better.

At the end of the day, those are the four I think would be at the center of the debate. That said, an underrated addition would be William Joseph, who was a great player playing on a team of all-timers. I rank Joseph as the 5th best DT we’ve ever had, and he would give us the interior pass rusher that we’ve always had on our great defenses.

@Cajuncane (CanesInsight): What are your feelings on who leaves and who stays after this year? I really think King comes back cause I don’t think he projects to an NFL opinion. I know most think Brevin is gone also. I think he should come back. A ton of good TE’s will be in the draft this year and I think he’s as good as any of them but I think he has to overcome a durability problem. You also have Cam who I think has lost a little luster this year. I’m no football guru and I didn’t stay in a HolidayInn Express last night and these are just my opinions. What are yours??

I think Brevin, Bolden, and Cam are gone. Cam sees the writing on the wall in terms of Knighton and Chaney coming for carries and I don’t think Cam significantly improves his stock by coming back, he is what he is and I think can make an NFL roster. Brevin is a top 2 round guy despite the durability concerns. Bolden I think could be a first rounder down the road should he come back but I think he ends up in the first 3-4 rounds.

King is not an NFL QB (I think his ceiling is Seneca Wallace), but that may not stop him from trying or starting his career at another position. I think he should come back and have a true offseason with Lashlee. The OL and WR room should be more mature next year as well. I’m 50/50 on whether he comes back or not.

There are guys that will consider leaving and may leave even though they have no business doing so yet. Those are guys are Nesta, Blades, Hall, and Mallory.

@Artist Formerly Known As (CanesInsight): Are you an ass or [boobs] guy?

Can’t go wrong with either, but give me a nice plump booty any day.

@305407cane (CanesInsight): What’s your favorite Netflix series?

Lots of good shows on Netflix but my choice is Narcos. I thought the 2 Escobar seasons were fantastic and it carried into the Cali season very well. The first Mexico season was good but the 2nd was just okay I thought. I am looking forward to the rise of Chapo though in season 3 of Mexico.

@OriginalCanesCanesCanes (CanesInsight): Assuming we have both Brevin and Mallory back, and accounting for Mallory’s recent (necessary) increased production, do you expect more effective and frequent use of 2 TE sets where both TEs are receivers on the same play? Rather than one staying as a blocker on most plays. I am no offensive schematic genius, It would just seem to me like they would present some real matchup problems used this way.

I think we will. While Mallory’s stats aren’t that great, when he gets opportunities he usually takes advantage of them. He is also a much improved blocker from a year ago so it gives Lashlee flexibility. I like the idea of having Brevin inline and Mallory flexed out, even as an outside WR because that stresses the defense’s alignment that much more. They both can make plays so it makes sense to have them on the field together as much as possible. It wouldn’t hurt for Lashlee to look at how the Patriots incorporated their 2 WR sets with Gronk and the killer.

@Luke Caneswalker (CanesInsight): Do you know of any measure the coaches put in place to prepare the team for cold weather games ? (Keep the IPF freezing, encourage the team to keep dorm AC real low) etc.

I’m assuming you're referring to the potential of a “colder” game against NC State where forecasts are projected to be low 60s, high 50s. We’ll get to the temperature aspect later on but to answer your question, I haven’t heard of the team implementing any measures to prepare for cold games. For a team like Miami, who’s used to warm weather, I don’t think it would hurt for them to spend some time and do their walkthroughs outside for road games if it’s going to be chilly, anything to help them get used to it.

@canesdogo (CanesInsight): What do you consider cold football weather?

I consider anything in the low 40s and below to be cold football weather. I know South Florida is unique in terms of the climate they play in and some would consider 50 to be cold but to the rest of the country, a sunny 55 degree day is perfect football weather.

@canesdogo (CanesInsight): Ketchup or catsup on hot dogs?

I may be in the minority but I like my hot dogs plain 90% of the time. If it’s a high quality dog and a good bun, no need to mess with success. That being said, no one says catsup.

@theorignalcane (CanesInsight): Is the Week 9 Mailbag subject to the P-analytical Martial Law? Should we toss out the incumbents? Do you favor hope and change? Is the lineup rigged? Do you feel that our leader suppresses the votes of the people? I am 100% talking about UM football here.

Our Mailbag adheres to all the rules and regulations set forth by the government of CanesInsight. We have allowed access to the column before it is published by the editors and any accusation to the contrary is blasphemous. We strive to have a fair and unbiased Mailbag each week that all members of the community have access to.

@ThomasG954 (CanesInsight): Which aspect of the following is most disappointing to you so far on offense, and which do you feel is most easily fixable?

1. Lack of success with King on ZR
2. Little run game ingenuity
3. TEs not as involved as they should be

4. Payton not taking over as hoped

The most disappointing is the lack of success with King on the zone reads. While we had some big plays early in the year, it was apparent we were still missing opportunities. At times, it seems King has predetermined the give which you can’t do. It is something that is new to King, surprisingly, so now that he has 6 games under his belt, hopefully it improves.

The easiest to fix is getting the TEs involved more. Just having Jordan and Mallory on the field at the same time would help to get it going. I would like to see more screens, drags, and flat routes to get the ball in their hands.

@Mnhurricane (CanesInsight): Better classic Halloween costume. Sexy nurse vs sexy witch?

Nurse all day.

@djnellz (CanesInsight): 1. Do you consider this NC State game a trap game? 2. The reasons we win and 3 reasons we lose? 3. Have you ever used an etymology dictionary and if so, does finding out the real meanings of words and their origins give you a different perspective on life AND history? 4. Have you ever heard of the legend of of Prestor John?

Yes, it is a trap game. Coming off a bye (bad for us) as well as being on the road on a Friday night has all the ingredients for an upset. I don’t think NC State is very good but that hasn’t stopped us in the past.

3 reasons we win: Their QB situation, their poor run defense, and overall talent difference between the 2 rosters.

3 reasons we lose: Bye week, Covid issues (potentially), their 3-3-5 defense confusing King.

I have used an etymology dictionary before and I think it’s a great tool. While it’s great to learn the history of words, I wouldn’t say it changed my perspective on life. Although, you can answer a lot of trivia type questions by knowing details about key words in the question.

Additional note: if you know the most common Greek and Latin roots, you’ll know how to etymologically break down the majority of the English Language. It’s a really valuable tool for anyone studying law, medicine, literature, and many other fields.

As for Prester John, yes, both the legendary version and the Marvel version.

@Cane47 (CanesInsight): 1. Why isn’t my guy Robert Burns, playing more? Is he hurt? Did he not regain his pre-injury form? He’s been in for a few carries here and there and has flashed with his power back running style. Is there something he needs to improve upon? I know everyone’s always fascinated with the next best thing, and Knighton and Chaney have talent, but Burns is a stud that can wear down a defense?

Robert Burns is unfortunately stuck behind 3 very talented backs, which is not a knock on Burns’ talent level. His career, even dating back to high school, has been plagued by injuries and that has held him back from opportunities. He does have the “bruising” running style that we don’t currently have on the roster so I think he can provide some value in certain situations. We saw him get carries in a close game against UVA 2 weeks ago which is a step in the right direction for Burns. The present, and the future, of the RB room though is Knighton and Chaney but if Burns decides to stay for next season, I think he can play an important role in the offense if he can stay consistently healthy.

2. If applicable, what are your top three (3) favorite OLD school dance / hip hop songs from the following (or something else during that same era):
1 Rappers Delight - Sugarhill Gang.
2 Kurtis Blow - the Breaks.
3 Digital Underground - The Humpty Dance
4 Ohio Players - Fire
5 Rob Base and DJ EZ. rock - It takes two
6 Naughty by Natire - o.p.p.
7 Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage
8 Midnight Star - No parking on the dance floor

9 Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five

I do like a multiple choice style question so I’ll go with Rapper’s Delight, Naughty by Natire, and Midnight Star from that list.

3. Is the QB “pump fake” something that is not used that much these days? I believe it was Peyton Manning that had this uncanny ability to move defenders with subtle fakes of throwing the ball. Haven’t focused on whether King does it (and granted he would first need to have the protection to do it) but in addition to moving defenders and given that King is not in the taller range of QBs it seems like some of his throws that get batted down may not be if he’s able to fake a little more.

That is a great point that you really don’t see too many pump fakes anymore. In terms of the college game, that can be accredited to the offensive systems (the spread) that focus on pre-snap reads and alignment. These systems also are designed to get the ball out quick, mainly taking the first read. Most spread college QBs aren’t able to diagnose the defense, go through the progressions, pump fake to alter the defense, and then deliver the ball to where it needs to be. You will see it at the college level pump faking on screens but that doesn’t really fall into what you are describing.

4. What are your thoughts on assistant coach Rob Likens? I watched a recent post practice interview of him. He seems to be very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience. Also seemed to be quite energetic and “amped up” in some of his mannerisms and responses to certain questions. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that; heck it’s probably what we need. Just curious as to your thoughts on him.

My opinion on Likens is still TBD as it’s his first year at Miami but at this point, his resume speaks for itself and he should be given the benefit of the doubt. To be able to produce 2 first round picks at a lower tier P5 school is impressive and speaks to his ability to identify and develop talent. I’m interested to see how he develops guys like K. Smith, Redding, and the freshmen class coming in because there’s a lot of raw talent there. That’s where he will be judged by the fan base and I think we’ll be impressed by the results. Also, if Lashlee does get a HC in the future, Likens will most likely be a candidate to replace him.

@Scrape into the C Gap (CanesInsight): Is it fair game to compare some of our young players to some of the Hurricane greats or is doing so a big no no? For instance, can we compare Don Chaney to Willis or are we just trying to conjure ghosts from the past?

It all depends on how you are making the comparison. Is it fair to say that Chaney’s career will end up like Willis’? No, those are expectations that will be rarely met as we have some of the greatest players in football history at their positions that have walked through our doors.

What is fair is to compare playing style or certain traits that make the 2 players similar. That is something we do every time we get a commitment if you follow us on Twitter. We did make the comparison of Chaney to Willis back in August of 2019 based on the speed/power/vision characteristics. In no way are we saying they will have the same career projection, but when you watch Chaney, you see a McGahee type running back.

@Canedog (CanesInsight): Please settle an argument. Who was the best Bond girl. I say Pussy Galore for both looks and her character's name. What say you?

Honey Rider checks all of the boxes. She was the “first” and has often been used as a model for others to follow, both in direct homage and in more understated ways. She also had a pretty serious backstory attached to her, so her depth of character needs to be appreciated as well.

As far as most badass, I’d go with Xenia Onatopp.

@CFB_Hogan (CanesInsight): You wanted me to update on the weight stuff, yesterday I went below 100 kg, which is the first time in over a year lol Anyway, with the death of Sean Connery, who do you think is the greatest James Bond of all time?

Congrats on the weight loss! Continue to keep us updated as you get closer and closer to your goal.

People will always go with the Bond they grew up with (unless you grew up with Roger Moore), and I’m no different. When I think of James Bond, I personally think of Pierce Brosnan, but I wouldn’t blame anyone, young or old, that opted for Sean Connery. Those are the top two. Daniel Craig is ok, but I don’t think he exudes the cool/smoothness that I expect in James Bond.

@JD08 (CanesInsight): Who would win at a game of chess, Dan Morgan the Canes linebacker or Dan Morgan, the Revolutionary War general? Ok, who would win a second chess game, Dan Morgan, son of John Morgan or Dan Morgan, the Australian bushranger?

Lets just make it a tournament then.

Round one, match one: General vs Bushranger
General Morgan was known for making bold, daring maneuvers in difficult situations. Bushranger Morgan was known for panicking and shooting people when things got even slightly tenuous.

Decision: Dan Morgan, General

Round one, match two: Linebacker vs Lawyer
Dan Morgan, the lawyer, is the son of a very intelligent, very motivated, very successful person. Dan Morgan, the linebacker, IS a very intelligent, very motivated, very successful person.

Decision: Dan Morgan, Linebacker

Championship Round: Linebacker vs General
This is a battle of the great tactical geniuses and enthusiastic leaders of their time. General Morgan is mostly lauded for his victory at Cowpens, which featured him taking an eclectic group of American soldiers and taking out a strong British force commanded by Banastre Tarteton. He used Tartelton’s aggressiveness against him by trapping him in a Pincer maneuver that earned him tremendous fame.

That being said, Morgan defied direct orders when he called for that move as he was only supposed to harass the British soldiers and give General Gates more time to amass his troops. While this was a victorious move, it was just one of many times that Morgan went against better judgement (and orders) in favor of direct assault without great foresight (see: the Battle of Freeman’s Farms and his time up in Canada).

Dan Morgan, linebacker extraordinaire, would never make a mistake on the field of battle, especially one that involved him not considering the whole picture of the battlefield. A true and genuine leader, Dan did all he was asked, played any position that was needed, and always made the right play.

Decision: Dan Morgan, Linebacker

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