CIS Mail Bag: Week 11

CIS Mail Bag: Week 11

Canes Legacy
We have a wild mail bag for you this week. Topics include the guard situation, odds of seeing our Canes again this year, and we play F, Marry, Kill with our fellow CIS contributors.

@JD08 (CanesInsight): You've done CIS roundtables at various times like before the FSU games or season preview, for instance. Have you ever thought about doing them discussing some particular aspect of the game like analyzing DB play to determine what's needed to reach the top tier and then discuss the best ways to make that happen? I think it would be interesting for Lance to focus on a couple of metrics and then discuss where we compare.

Stefan usually decides when to do roundtables but maybe we’ll surprise him and start our own. I think it’s an interesting topic as well that could fit well into our offseason plans to try and keep everyone entertained. We’ll let the recruiting class play out as well as the portal and then start one up. Also, since you came up with the idea, you have no choice but to be a part of it.

@ChicagoCane1992 (CanesInsight): Your thoughts going forward on guard play. Does Donaldson get snaps especially with this two week break and does Scaife get benched? Also, do you think any seniors stay for another year?

What a disappointing game the guards had on Saturday. Scaife had the worst game of his career and Traore struggled as well. No doubt that Scaife’s starting position should be up for competition. It was unfortunate that Rivers was out as well because I believe he would have gotten some snaps and a chance to show what he can do.

I always thought Donaldson wouldn’t get snaps this year because of his injury, his lack of conditioning regardless of the injury, and the other guards solidifying spots. Well, no guard has really impressed so that rules that out. He’s been practicing and appears ahead of schedule so at this point, I think it’s realistic to see Donaldson on the field sooner rather than later.

The seniors of note that we have are Jarrid Williams, McCloud, Carter, Ford, and Roche. Roche is gone, that’s an easy one so let’s get that out of the way now. The other 4 are interesting because they aren’t surefire NFL picks but may not have much to gain in terms of NFL value by coming back. Ford was considering going pro after last year so it’s safe to assume he’ll probably move on. Jarrid Williams transferred here to prove himself among P5 talent and he’s already an older guy so he most likely moves on as well. If I’m Carter, I ask to come back but as a true LB (should slot in at WLB) which would be his future at any level of football once he leaves. That leaves McCloud, who will go professional in something other than sports.

@423Hurricane (CanesInsight): Odds we play 3 more games. If we play 3, how many wins? Odds we play in the ACCCG. If we play in it, odds of winning?

Odds we play 3 more regular season games: 42.92%. I believe we’ll get through most of our Covid issues with 3 weeks to recover. I’m not so confident that Wake, UNC, and GT will be fine to play down the road as cases continue to rise. In the beginning of the season, every team has hope and something to play for so they may be willing to sacrifice a social life. Now that we are coming down the home stretch, some players may not be so inclined anymore which could lead to outbreaks among their teams. I’m hoping, but not confident in getting all 3 remaining games in.

Odds of making it to the ACCCG: Not good, but not impossible. Clemson would need to lose again and their remaining schedule is FSU (LOL), Pitt, and VT. Could Pitt or VT pull one off? Maybe but doubt it. Pitt has the defense but not the offense to hang with Clemson and VT has the offense but not the defense. Notre Dame would need to lose twice and they have UNC, Syracuse, and Wake. I can see them being upset by UNC or Wake but not both. On top of that, we would need to win out against Wake and UNC (GT is being played on the same day so that game isn’t a factor in our chances). I’m in the group of let’s just win out, get to 10-1 and play in a major bowl game. If we can backdoor our way in to the ACCCG, great.

@ben (CanesInsight): Rank 'em: French Toast, Pancakes, Waffles?

I love breakfast food so this puts me in a bind. I’m going to rank them in their most basic serving style (butter and syrup) so I’m not going to get into the crazy concoctions that can be made with all of them.
  1. French Toast
  2. Pancakes
  3. Waffles
French Toast brings the most flavor so that’s a relatively easy choice for #1. I could go back and forth on pancakes and waffles but I’ll go with pancakes for the #2 spot based on that’s what I would choose to eat right now.

@GojiraCane (CanesInsight): If CFB is shut down by the time that Miami is now scheduled to resume, will the season as it currently stands be considered a success and something that we can use to build on for 2021?

Absolutely! Anyone outside of Miami didn’t think this was a 1 loss type of team. We accomplished the main area of concern with this program going back nearly 20 years, and that’s beat the teams you are supposed to beat. It wasn’t always pretty and I would have liked to see some more beatdowns but a win is a win for 2020. We now have a system on offense in which we can build and recruit the necessary talent to win big. The defense regressed and that would be the biggest gripe amongst fans right now but we’re still an above average D with plenty of young talent to grow with. We're also going to add truly elite talent with the 2021 class with Leonard Taylor, James Williams, Chase Smith, and Kam Kinchens. A 7-1 season is an easy sell to the end of the 2021 class and a great starting point for 2022.

@Tad Footeball (CanesInsight): Would you rather die by drowning in tropical waters or by freezing to death uninjured but trapped in an avalanche?

Drowning and freezing to death both sound terrible. Freezing to death seems like it would take a while before you actually perished and my concern is to minimize the amount of pain and torture. Drowning sucks but at least it’s over after a few minutes so take me to the Caribbean and let’s get this over with.

@Go Canes!! (CanesInsight): Percentage of defensive plays being called by Manny and Blake?

Reputable posters have stated that Manny took over the defense against VT but this is a topic that we probably never get a straight answer on. We did some things differently against VT that we didn’t do (or do a lot of) in the 7 games prior. There are a few reasons why this could have happened and 1 of them is that Manny took over and the other is that we had Covid issues and needed to adapt. Or, Baker adjusted. What we saw differently was pre snap movement and adjustments, way more line stunts to free up Phillips which is something Manny would do with Chad and RJ, more nickel formations, and more disguised blitzes. Since you asked for a percentage, that defense on Saturday looked 100% like a Manny Diaz called defense.

@Canedog (CanesInsight): Eye knead your help settling a family dispute before it terns ugly. My family member hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year has announced they will bee serving fried turkey, rather than the traditional oven baked. Aye say, you might as well git a bucket of chickin from Kernel Sanders if your gonna serve poletree that has Ben fried in Greece. How due ewe think a Thanksgiving turkey should bee cooked, oven baked ore fried?

I was never a fan of Turkey, I think it lacks natural flavor and is dry. Frying it, at least the few times I’ve had it, gives it a little more to it and makes it bearable to get through. When I was a kid, my mom made a turkey once for Thanksgiving and everyone agreed no more turkey. At just 15 years old, I took over Thanksgiving cooking and would make beautiful ribs every year instead. Ribs > Turkey.

PS: Dew ewe eats the giblets and, if sew, how should they bee cooked?

I do not eat the giblets but they should be used to make a nice gravy to go with your boring turkey.

@ssvir (CanesInsight): Rank the top 5 mope topics on CIS.

1. Whining about winning close games
2. Firing/benching after 1 not so good performance
3. Rumph taking over threads
4. CB Recruiting (mopes are right)
5. Baker

@CaneLife93 (CanesInsight): What came first, the chicken or the egg?

I think it really boils down to the very first creature that would be defined as a chicken. Chickens evolved from therapods through a branching line that also led to the Tyrannosaurus Rex (chickens are the T-Rex’s closest living relative). Chickens seem to be a direct descendant of either the red jungle fowl or the gray jungle fowl, but no matter where the line might be officially drawn, one would have to agree that the original chicken had to have been a concoction of cells inside of an egg sack before it officially became a chicken. Thus, the egg came first.

@Mnhurricane (CanesInsight): How many days stranded on a desert island with SMD would it take before you would consider banging her?

What a thought provoking question that requires multiple angles and scenarios to be addressed. If I’m stuck on a deserted island with her, it’s because we were in a plane crash that only both of us survived. So, I’m giving search and rescue 7-10 days to locate us before I give up hope on getting off the island. I’m already dead in my mind after 14 days since search and rescue disbanded their efforts and for the sake of this scenario, there is no way to build a raft and get off. The next factor to consider is hygiene and grooming. Being able to go for a dip in the tropical waters would keep everything somewhat clean for a bit but things will go downhill fast there for her.

So, we're 14 days in and we’ve made the decision to go through with it. The focus now becomes on getting through the physical act. Remember, we’re 14 days in with little food and water so dehydration and hunger is an issue. One of the side effects from that is hallucinations, and from our perspective, that’s not a negative but we’ll get to that later. You will need some energy to perform so about an hour before it’s time for the final meal. Maybe you can find some crabs (no pun intended) for some protein. The mind is still fuzzy from the dehydration but your body has responded well to the crabs and you now feel you have the strength.

It’s now time to take advantage of the hallucinations. I’m going to drink 1 cup of seawater, just enough to negatively impact my body without shutting down vital organs. The hallucinations have now set in and your mind can take you on a crazy journey while you do the unthinkable.

@SpikeUM (CanesInsight): Blondes, brunettes or redheads?


@SinisterCane (CanesInsight): Since the staff is in a benching mood, any chance Chaney dropkicks Harris to the bench?

The backs will continue to rotate but Harris will be the starter. Chaney certainly has the higher ceiling and physical traits, along with a more aggressive running style but Harris is the better pass blocker and has been a force for this team earlier in the year with some big time runs. As we come down the home stretch, I think we’ll start to see a more 33-33-34 split among Knighton, Chaney, and Harris. This 3 week break in between games will give everyone on the team much needed time to rest and heal. Chaney has had shoulder issues so he should come back fresh for Wake.

@KrazyCane (CanesInsight): If you had to pick two Wide Receivers to change positions to CB who would you pick and why?

Restrepo would be choice one as he was an effective DB in high school so the defensive mentality wouldn’t be anything new for him. He doesn’t have the prototypical size but is one of those “dogs” we hear a lot about. Wiggins, Harley, and Pope don’t have the physical mindset to play on defense and would most likely get pushed around. Payton would be an interesting experiment as he has the size and should be able to muscle WRs at the line and still run with them down field. He isn’t the most explosive or agile guy out there but he would be my 2nd choice.

@djnellz (CanesInsight): How are you going to spend your 2 weeks of Miami football off?

My wife had made plans for this Saturday (11/21) with a very small amount of friends for a Friendsgiving (I know, I know), which irritated me to no end as she didn’t check with me on Miami’s schedule. I was planning on displaying symptoms consistent with the Rona so I could stay home and watch the game but I suppose that’s not necessarily needed anymore. Although, I won’t rule anything out at this point. I’ll probably start diving into the 2022 class during the week so I’m educated as targets start to emerge and commits are happening.

I have nothing specific or exciting planned as I have a newborn at home (turned 1 month on 11/19) so I’ll probably just hang out with him and enjoy college football without the stress of Miami football coming back in the 4th quarter.

@CFB_Hogan (CanesInsight): When you take a ****, do you wipe your ass with your motion going away from the balls or towards your balls?
Artist Formerly Known As (CanesInsight): Follow up: Do you wipe between your legs or are you a leaner?

Both wipe directions are tools in an arsenal to battle the evil known as Mud Butt. The front to back wipe (aka the OG) is your top standard wiping option. In many cases, the OG can just do the common maintenance to ensure that what you feel is likely a clean sweep is just that. Nothing better than a quick clean up to prove that you’re properly consuming fiber. It’s also the first line of defense against more disastrous bowel events, as the last thing that you want is to dirty up the undercarriage with wayward wiping.

That said, there are cases when the OG did its job well, but you can’t quite complete the operation with it. When you have that lingering issue and it seems like you’re not getting anywhere with each successive OG wipe, then you turn it around and drop the Sharpshooter on them. That front to back is a little better at pinpointing a problem area (thus the nickname) and finishing the harder missions.

@GojiraCane (CanesInsight): Blast from the Past Question: Who were the other coaches that Miami was close to signing after Coker departed? I recall at the time that Bob Stoops was heavily linked to Miami, as was Mike Leach. Could either have succeeded at Miami given the conditions that existed at that time?

There were a lot of names thrown out there, but I don’t know how many people were actually interested in the position compared to how many were just fans and media hyping up options. Bob Stoops was a name that got tossed around a lot by different teams from the state of Florida and it was pretty much always just smoke. Barry Alvarez was routinely connected with Miami openings, but seemed to pass pretty happily each time. There was even word that Schiano was the main target and straight up turned it down. I’d guess that Leach was probably the biggest name that we could have actually pulled.

As for how things would have gone, it’s hard to say. I think Randy tried to be the heavy hand that any of those other guys would have also been, though he lacked the legitimacy (or psychology) to make it work. I think the well was already poisoned pretty badly at that point, so it would have taken time to bring the right attitude back to the program.

@JD08 (CanesInsight): Out of Stefan Adams, Lance Roffers, and Matt Suero, which would you bang, which would you marry, and which would you kill and why?

This is a tough one, as everything I have seen from them points to the fact that they are all lovable, caring gentlemen.

First off, if I have to separate things, I’m going to have to kill Suero. He seems like a great kid, but the age is questionable, so either other option puts us in a predicament that we don’t want to be in. He’d also probably be posting on TikTok or streaming COD and other such young people things, and quite frankly we’re not prepared for that type of one sided, distant relationship.

Lance seems like a solid dude, and those natural Midwestern sensibilities would make him a great caretaker for the family, but you know he’d run you into the ground eventually with stats. “Hey, did you know the grass grows 2.7 times quicker if you water it from this angle” or “Maybe next time you fill the dishwasher you could try and bisect the angle of the bottom layer to create a better surface area distribution.” I don’t have time to listen to all that ****. So it looks like it’s time to F Lance.

That leaves Stefan as the marriage option. Not going to lie, we don’t love the earning potential of his career choice (journalism can be a very difficult field to make it in), but he’s motivated, has that shiny UM degree, and we will be very supportive of him. He’s also probably the most likely of the three to have enough connections to get us free tickets to games.

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Great stuff, and I didn’t even have a question.👍

BTW, after intense scrutiny and evaluation I also calculated our chance of playing 3 more games at 42.92 %; what a coinkidinkee 🙄

And, most importantly, congrats on recent birth of your son.😉

Go Canes !!
@Canes Legacy you forgot to mention King and Harley in that senior group. Your thoughts on them?

Wow, I totally spaced on them. I think Harley has a good chance of coming back. King, if he wants to try and play QB in the NFL he should come back and work on his stock (even if he goes from a 7th round/UDFA type to a 5th or 6th rounder that would be big for him in terms of making a roster or practice squad).

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