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CIS Mail Bag: Week 10

CIS Mail Bag: Week 10

Canes Legacy
Week 10 Mail Bag is in the books. This week we talk LBs, VT, Olympics, and inform the readers where they can read this article.

@ChicagoCane1992 (CanesInsight): Are the rumors about Manny taking over the d in the 4th quarter true? Who do you think spies Hooker this weekend?

We haven’t heard anything regarding Manny taking over the defense in the 4th quarter. The way the defense played in the 4th quarter is how it should have looked the whole game and when we look like that, we look like a Manny Diaz defense. The only schematic change was playing Carter more in a LB type role, but players seemed to step up. That included Nesta Silvera pushing the OL back 5 yards to make a dominant TFL and Couch juking a RB on a blitz to get a key sack (which NC State had picked up and could have been a big play). Every time the defense looks good, people say that Manny took over the play calling, what does that say about Baker?

As far as spying Hooker, I would be rotating Frierson, K. Smith, and Brooks (who is dealing with a nagging injury). Whoever it is, needs to be able to run and make the tackle when they get there, which really limits the options for the job. If Hooker is running free, it’s going to be a long, long day.

@PittsburghCane (CanesInsight): Is it time to officially turn the linebacking over full time to the kids (Flagg, Brooks)?

It’s been time but the coaches don’t see it the way the rest of the world does. Jennings is who he is, a phone booth/run stopping type MLB who struggles in space. Unfortunately, that type of LB is more of a situational player in today’s game. McCloud’s struggles have been well documented for 7 games now and it will be 8 games after VT gets done with him. Last game, McCloud only had 2 tackles. Two! Unlike Jennings, McCloud doesn’t really provide any value to the defense as he lacks instinct, can’t cover, can’t play down hill, and can’t play sideline to sideline. He did see a reduction in snaps though which is a start, I guess. I’ll be the first to admit if he proves us wrong on Saturday but I’m not envisioning good things happening when he’s on the field. We have better options behind him, I’d much rather have a young guy getting beat and learning than a 5th year senior.

@3rd-43 (CanesInsight): If Rumph doesn't take over the D coordinator job for Baker after the season, what P5 school will scoop him up?

According to sauces, Rumph is not currently a candidate for any defensive coordinator job.

@JD08 (CanesInsight): People with mopish tendencies like to compare this season with 2017 and 2013 to suggest that we'll end up in a similar freefall. The implication is that Manny will be proven a terrible coach just like the last four. Assuming they are correct and over the course of the next few years he fails to gain traction, we will find ourselves in search of a new head coach. Since getting a proven winner like Meyer, Saban, or Swinney is out of the question, what qualities should we look for that will indicate championship potential and will the mopes be calling the next guy a corch after the first loss?

Of course fans will call a coach a corch after a loss, first one or not. That’s an easy one.

Now, getting on to the more complicated answer regarding what to look for in a future coach. As you stated, we aren’t going to be in the running for a proven, championship winner like Saban or Dabo. If I’m making a big board of qualities to look for (and these would be amongst the lower P5 and G5 head coaches):
  • Implementation of the correct systems that would fit the University of Miami (ie, spread offense and aggressive yet disciplined defense)
  • Track record of hiring good coordinators
  • Track record of making changes when necessary
  • Are they exceeding expectations at their current school
  • Are they doing more with less at their current level of competition
  • Are they developing their roster both in terms of on field ability and culture
  • Do they understand AND have a plan for the challenges South Florida recruiting presents
@djnellz (CanesInsight): 1. Do you expect more decommitments from Miami Northwestern after the Tim Burns fiasco? 2. What would you do after reading the Tim Burns board if you were Mike Rumph?

We currently have Romello Brinson (WR), Kahlil Brantley (TE), and Kamren Kinchens (S) committed from Miami Northwestern. Losing any of those guys would be a giant blow and would potentially cause the rest of the dominos to fall. You can bet other schools have learned what happened and are in their ear trying to spin it to their advantage. I’m more concerned with Brinson and Kinchens as they will have SEC suitors and Brantley has been one of the most vocal commits. They have posted Miami edits after the fiasco so that’s a positive sign. In the end, I think they all stick but that’s just a guess, we’ll see what happens.

Rumph has to be used to all the criticism by now so I’m not even sure it affects him and I’m not saying that he doesn’t care, the guy loves this school. This may not have even been his decision. Rumph needs to focus on coaching up the guys he does have and doing anything in his power to close strong, his job may depend on it.

@Mnhurricane (CanesInsight): How many times are the Hokies going to burn us on a throwback or late crossing TE this time and will the staff continue to be shocked this worked against us for multiple years running?

I’m mentally preparing for the worst. Fuente is what he is but he’s no dummy on the offensive side of the ball. They are going to burn us on the TE cross multiple times. If the responsibility falls on McCloud or Jennings, they just don't have the awareness nor speed to cover it. Just a quick point that if NC State ran the TE drag every time in the 4th quarter, they probably win last Friday night. For the throwback, it just can’t happen again. It’s embarrassing it’s worked as much as it has and that speaks to coaching, although the players do have to take some accountability. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

@yessirking (CanesInsight): Is Miami going to become a NIL powerhouse? Why or why not?

There’s no reason for us not to be a powerhouse when the NIL kicks in. There are a ton of local resources to tap into and all that leg work should be worked on now so it’s up and running when it’s time. I think USC already has a committee or department solely focused on NIL and we should be no different. If we can nail this, it’s a game changer to combat the bag schools.

@JOE'CANE (CanesInsight): Any info on the Tim Burns situation? Any info on CB recruiting? Do you think Miami will play in a New Years 6 Bowl? What is your score prediction for the VT game?

The Tim Burns’ situation has exploded amongst the fan base and social media, and rightfully so. Here is a longtime commit from a pipeline school right down the road from campus at a position of dire need. There’s multiple sides and angles to this story and then there’s the truth (which we are still waiting on). Obviously the kid will never say he was dropped and the school can’t come out and comment specifically as that’s against the rules. The comments his mom made make it clear that the school parted ways and it wasn’t an amicable split, which is a terrible look from the program’s side.

What makes the Burns decommitment even more confusing is the lack of news around CBs, which isn’t new to Canes fans. There a few threads on the Recruiting Board with names to know and those are Markevious Brown (IMG, uncommitted), Marvin Convington (Texas, uncommitted), Damarius McGhee (Pensacola, UT commit), Ja’Den McBurrows (STA, Michigan commit), Khalil Anderson (Atl, Pitt commit), and Charles Brantley (Venice, Mich St commit). Hopefully we can land 2-3 of those guys.

If we win out, which I think we do, we’ll be in a NY6 bowl. A 10-1 Miami team will be very attractive and we always draw viewers. Maybe even a matchup with UF?

I think the defense bounces back to some extent against VT and I think we win 34-31 with King willing us to victory yet again.

@ssvir (CanesInsight): How many times was Rumph offered the DC job?

0, time to move on.

@TheOriginalCane (CanesInsight): Can you guesstimate the percentage of whiny, slump-shouldered, (explicit deleted) mopes on CIS? Is it 50-70% or 70-90%?

While the Canes are 6-1 and right on track to have the season most thought they would, there is an air of negativity in the fan base. From my perspective, this is due to 3 close wins the last 3 games against average at best ACC teams. The defense against NC State was pathetic and deserves all the criticism that comes its way. While there are clearly a good amount of mopes on the boards, my guesstimate is its more around 33.57%. They tend to be more vocal.

@SinisterCane (CanesInsight): If Manny ends up replacing Baker, does Banda survive the cut if the new DC wants his own crew?

As long as Manny is the HC, Banda will be here with him unless he gets offered a DC job elsewhere.

@bpeterson2003 (CanesInsight): If King leaves and Miami decides to add a QB via the portal, what are your thoughts on Milton from UCF (assuming he’s healthy)? Gabriel for UCF (only a Sophomore) seems to be playing well so it seems likely that he could be the starter moving forward and thus present an opportunity for Milton to enter the portal.

Milton would be an intriguing option if he decides to enter the portal. There’s no denying his talent and production he had when he was healthy. The main concern with him would be how his knee is after that horrible injury he suffered a few years ago. If King decides to leave, Milton is the type of QB you would want, a guy with experience who’s trying to prove himself to the NFL scouts and is familiar with an up-tempo spread system.

@JOE'CANE (CanesInsight): What are the chances Rumph is here next year?

Not very good. I think the writing is on the wall for a change to be made.

@rsa coral gables (CanesInsight): Where the hell are the answers to the good questions?
@Zombie-Cane (CanesInsight): Where are the answers each week posted?

When we decided to do a mail bag, we said we would answer every question no matter what. Since you asked a question, you get to be famous now. We take questions starting on Tuesday and publish them in an article on Friday (or Saturday if we’re being lazy). That article appears on the main page of the website as well as in the “Eye In the Sky” section of the message board. We tag everyone that asks a question as well.

@GojiraCane (CanesInsight): What if all draft eligible players return next season? Probably unlikely, but how much more formidable does Miami become next year?

Returning guys like King, Roche, Bolden, and Phillips makes us an easy selection to be a preseason top 10 team. Would we be a playoff team? Probably not but I think we would be staring down an 11-1 type season and easily the Coastal favorites. I wouldn't get your hopes up though.

A blast from the past question...Miami was only able to recruit two wide receivers in 2005-2006 (Sam Shields and Robinson). For a team that was in the Top 10 each year, even entering 2006, how did we fail to recruit such a key position? We had only 6 scholarship receivers going into 2006, and we were down to 3 by mid season due to injury.

By 2005, the cracks were already showing in Coker’s regime and the lack of WR recruiting is further evidence of a coach who was in over his head. 2005 was a big miss with 0 WRs signed which is crazy that you couldn’t land one guy and that was before our 20 years of mediocrity. A quick review of the 2005 and 2006 Florida classes showed a lack of local WR options which could have factored in as well. My first thought reading this was to compare it to our current CB recruiting issues but as bad as CB is now, it’s nowhere close to how bad WR recruiting was during that time.

@HurricaneKush (CanesInsight): What are the odds we see a youth movement with Avantae and James Williams starting together at Safety next year?

0% chance. Hall is all but guaranteed a starting spot and if Bolden returns (he should), he would be locked in as the 2nd starter. The young guys will definitely see the field and may even be our best option, but this coaching staff would not dare start them and risk upsetting older guys.

@darius19 (CanesInsight): What traits should we be recruiting in linebackers to make them successful in our system and make our defense better? Because what we have now isn’t working.

I’m going to correct your last statement and say “Who we have on the field right now is not working”. I believe we have guys on the roster who fit exactly what we need but are not seeing the field because the coaches have a 5th year guy in McCloud and a veteran in Jennings who they “trust”. I agree it isn’t working though. When I think of what Miami needs to recruit at LB, I think of Brooks (foot injury, he’s not 100%), Huff, and Cave. Those guys can run, hit, and play in space. That’s how you combat today’s offenses. Flagg lacks the high end athleticism but makes up for it with better instincts than our current starters and it’s a shame he was in the Covid protocol because his snaps were increasing week by week. VT will expose our LBs and maybe force Baker and Co. to make the necessary changes.

Canelife93 (CanesInsight): Favorite military movie and why?

Tough question and military movies are my favorite genre. When I was little, my dad would always watch the old WW2 movies like Stalag 17, Midway, and The Great Escape so those always hold a special place for me and if i see that they are on, I’ll always watch them. I would say Saving Private Ryan is my favorite modern military movie; great cast, great action scenes, and great story. I really enjoyed Fury as well even though some really dislike it.

@Bccrhp (CanesInsight): Will Navaughn Donaldson play another snap for the University of Miami?

When I first heard he was redshirting (before NCAA ruled on eligibility this year), I did not think he would play another snap for us again, mainly due to the fact 2 younger guys would be starting and lock down the guard positions. That hasn’t happened and guard play is our biggest issue on the OL as of today. I’m still skeptical if he can make an impact this year but if he stays on top of conditioning and gets right with Justice, he will definitely see snaps next year if not start.

@Old Cane (CanesInsight): When Miami wins the coin toss why do they always elect to defer? Seems every time the opponent comes out and runs their scripted plays and goes right down the field for a touchdown. It’s spotting the opponent 7 points.

Most teams defer if they win the coin toss so that’s not a unique choice by Miami. Deferring does a few things coaches like: 1. It gives you an extra possession in the 2nd half. 2. It gives you a chance to see what the opposing defense is doing before you make adjustments. 3. Getting the ball to start the half gives you a chance to “double dip” by scoring right before the half and again to start the 2nd half (the Patriots were really good at this).

I posted on the board earlier this week that teams are 5/7 scoring points on their opening drives against us, so I see your point but I doubt Manny changes the strategy.

@Cane47 (CanesInsight): (1) Who will do a better job as his respective chief of staff; (a) Ed Reed or (b) Ron Klain?

I never saw Klain give a Hall of Fame induction speech so I’ll go with Reed.

(2) Which was more of hosing: (a) 1972 Olympics basketball final between Team USA and the Soviet Union (where refs unbelievably gave those *£€€#%*s 3 do-overs of an inbound play in the final seconds, or (b) the BS super late pass interference call against Glenn Sharpe in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl between OSU and the Canes?

The bigger hose job was the 1972 Olympics. What a cluster F that was and there were so many issues (illegal substitutions, clock management issues, FIBA folks getting involved when they shouldn’t). The pass interference call was one of the worst judgment calls in CFB history but it was one guy making the error. The 1972 screw job is on its own level. With that said, we will never forget Terry Porter and what he did to us.

(3) Curious as to those former Cenes football players you can name that are now or at some point post-UM work(ed) in law enforcement, and in what capacity? Not to steal your thunder too much but I’ll start with one of my favorites, Kenny Calhoun - DB who deflected pass in the Orange Bowl finish allowing UM to get the N.C. Believe he still is a police officer in North Florida area.

Marcus Forston is a police officer in Atlanta and Mo Sikes (one of the most underrated Canes of all time) is a Motors Sergeant for Coral Gables PD. Those 2 I knew of off the type of my head but I’m sure there is more. The readers can name them if they know.

(4). What’s the scoop as to how Peyton Matocha is progressing as a QB? I see a bunch of speculative posts about King, TVD, Nkosi, and who will be our future QB - depending on whether someone graduates, transfers, etc. Haven’t read much about Matocha though.

Matocha was brought in as a developmental guy under the previous offensive regime. While he has some raw tools that could potentially make him a contributor down the road, I think his ceiling is a backup at this time. King will make his decision whether he comes back or not but the future appears to be either a portal guy or TVD long term.

(5) Every so often somebody will post how a football recruit will get a great / much better education at UM and how a UM degree is worth so much more, as one of the reasons to come here versus another school. Recognizing that it’s just not the school but there are many factors , such as what the student puts into it, family situation, major, financial situation, and life experiences I was curious if there is any type of global reference — kind of like a “where is he now” that shows how our football players have fared post UM over the years.

There is no database that I am aware of that would have this information in an easy to reference way. My suggestion would be to follow as many former Canes, Canes’ fans, and official Cane twitters as possible as there will be information to be learned regarding post careers. The official Miami website has a section as well that highlights alumni succeeding, not just athletes. Just off the top of my head, I’ve seen tweets about Jacory Harris becoming a firefighter recently and Andrew Bain becoming a Judge.

(6) Seems like the last game or two we’ve gotten a few block-in-the-back penalties on returns. Prior to that I don’t recall this happening but that may have more to do with fair catches and touchbacks. At the beginning of the season I remember seeing our guys holding their hands and arms straight up, which I thought was a good way of preventing a block in the back call. So, more of a request than a question, but perhaps you can remind Patke of this the next time you two cross paths.

The special teams penalties were infuriating last Friday night against NC State. It felt as though every time we brought the ball out on a return, there was a flag being thrown. However, that is in line with the rest of the team and its undisciplined nature. Penalties are going to cost this team a game at some point if they do not get it under control. If I see Patke, that will be one of the many things I will address with him.

@Canedog (CanesInsight): Please help settle an argument beefour it terns violet. Witch was the bigger upset? Buster Douglas/Mike Tyson ore the Miracle on Ice - the US hockey team beating the Rushin hockey teem in the 1980 Winter Olympicks?

Douglas was a 42-1 underdog and the USA was 1,000-1. The answer is clear in terms of math but I think most would say The Miracle on Ice without knowing the odds. The upset of Soviet Russia is one of the greatest moments in sports history and will long be remembered. We showed those Commies.

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