Chestnut Talks About Central Matchup

Chestnut Talks About Central Matchup

Tito Benach
2013 Columbus Running Back Daryl Chestnut is on pace to have one of the best seasons in Columbus history, as he is averaging close to two
touchdowns and over a hundred yards each game.

“I feel like the team is helping me have those performances, the offensive line is making holes and I’m just able to hit them.”

Columbus is off to a great start, as they are 3-1 and look to continue their streak going into Friday’s game against Central.

“The team is doing great, we have a big test against Central tomorrow and that is going to show us where we are really at as a unit.”

Chestnut spoke about the duo running back match-up tomorrow as he and his Teammate Lorenzo Woodley face off against Joseph Yearby and Dalvin Cook.

“They are supposed some of the top running backs in Dade County and we are supposed to be some of the top running backs in Dade county, so tomorrow we have a competition.”

While the 2013 speed back is being quiet about recruiting for the moment, he did share some of his thoughts.

“It’s going really good right now, I have been pretty quiet about it, I haven’t made any remarks about where I’m going to commit. I’m
staying in touch with everybody.”

Chestnut has been in contact with multiple schools, “West Virginia, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Florida State, Utah State, FAU, Kentucky and Kansas State.”

While the Columbus product has no leader, he does admit he still has interest in Miami.

“That’s the city I’m from, I watch a lot of people from my neighborhood go to that school, which inspires me to want to go there too.”

Chestnut cites Miami’s tradition as one of his main points of interest.

“The tradition Miami has at running back is amazing. I also like that it’s close to home, so I can play for my city.”

While the Canes aren’t heavily pursuing the speed back at the moment, he does admit if Miami were to contact him later in the year, he would still take their call.

“Oh yeah, I’m considering everybody so they get a fair shot.”

Chestnut has a close relationship with Miami Hurricane Safety Deon Bush, and sayss Bush is deserving of his current big role at Miami.

“Deon, he is a hard-worker and he definitely deserves to start at UM and I feel like he would inspire me to go to UM.”

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