Catching up with Andre Godfrey Jr.

Catching up with Andre Godfrey Jr.

Cameron Underwood
Over the course of the past few seasons, Miramar High has become noted for producing top collegiate talent. While many think that the 2015 class of Patriots is among the strongest in the country, there are still plenty of BCS level players in the 2014 class, including S Andre Godfrey Jr.

While Godfrey Jr.'s name is less well known than his 2015 DB teammates Tyrek Cole and Jeff Hill Jr., his game is just as impressive. Godfrey Jr. ended last season with 55 tackles, 5 TFLs, 1 sack, 2 forced fumbles, and 2 interceptions. His best games came against the toughest competition on the Miramar Schedule (Bradenton Manatee, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Cypress Bay), and his presence in the secondary allowed for other players to take some chances. Once schools started seeing his film, his recruitment began to pick up rapidly.

"Yeah, it was nice to start hearing from colleges," Godfrey Jr. told me in a recent interview. "It showed that I'm a good player, and my work on and off the field is starting to pay off." Much like Tyrek Cole said in his interview, Godfrey Jr. told me that "coaches started hitting me up in January on Facebook to contact them. Things just kind of went from there."

And where have things gone? They've gone to many schools contacting the multi-talented defender, with a few starting to offer scholarships. "My first offer was from Toledo, and then Boston College, UCLA and West Virginia offered me shortly after that" said Godfrey. "Recently, Louisville and Kentucky have offered me. I've also been in contact with Miami a lot, and Alabama a few times too." Godfrey Jr. also holds offers from Washington State, South Florida, and Western Michigan.

During this time of year, when colleges are starting to put together their recruiting boards, and players begin to narrow down their choices, Godfrey Jr. told me what he's looking for in a potential school destination: "I'm looking for playing time first, and a good family environment second. I want to know that all those guys on the team are my brothers, and have my back no matter what."

I asked Godfrey who was on top of his list, to which he responded: "Miami, Louisville, and Boston College." (NOTE: this interview was before the Kentucky offer).

Overall, I think Andre Godfrey Jr is a good talent, who may be slightly under the radar at the moment. He is listed as the Number 54 safety in America by 24/7's composite ratings, with an overall grade of 89 (high 3 star). He will continue to progress physically, and is in line to be one of the leaders of the Miramar "Darkside Defense" this coming fall.

While he may not be a household name yet, Andre Godfrey Jr. it a very talented player, and he will be a good addition to a BCS level team. He has good size, great technique, good ball skills, and loves to hit. Basically, he's exactly what you want in a Safety prospect. His recruiting journey is just beginning, and I'm sure that it's end will satisfy a rabid fan base.

Which one? We'll have to wait and see.

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kid can play a bit...reminds me of Anthony Reddick
Is he closer to 5'10 or 6'1? The video has two different heights. Either way he can play, and the staff is in contact with him. I assume the offer will come from a summer camp or a great senior year if the staff feels he can make an impact
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I'm all about the Miramar pipeline. But it sounds like this kid needs to have a good senior season to get that Miami offer. It's nothing against him I'm sure. He just plays a position that's loaded in SFLA and we can't take em all. I hope he balls out his senior season because I like what I'm seeing from the Miramar kids lately.