Carter Ready For Season

Carter Ready For Season

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami commit Jamal Carter’s Southridge squad has been gathering a lot of pre-season hype with new Head Coach, Lamont Green, as well as new quarterback, Troy Cook, who transferred from Palmetto.

“To be honest, Troy upgraded our whole team. He made the receivers catch better, he made the receivers run better routes, and he made the DBs better because we really have to play now. He puts it on the money, where the DBs can’t get the ball.”

Carter says he has maxed out at 315 on the bench, 515 squat, and has a 4.4 forty, but thinks he can run faster now.

“We’ve been working out in the weight room and out on the field doing agility drills.”

The ‘Canes commit was on campus a few weeks ago for Rising Senior Day.

“It was cool. I went there with my mom and step-dad and they had us out there watching the scrimmage. They made me and Artie take a picture too. I was hanging out with Herb Waters. He was at the table when we were eating. We’ve been homeboys from a young age.”

Carter came away from the scrimmage feeling good about this year’s team.

“I know they’re gonna have a better season than last year. Duke was impressive as always, he broke a long one. Tracy looks ready, too. The offense and defense impressed me. They looked good out there."

Watching all of the freshmen playing earlier has motivated him.

“That makes me feel like I can come out there and compete for a position.”

Carter says he will only be playing on the defensive side of the ball this year and feels “200%” health-wise.

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Hope Troy can have a good year and get some decent D1 offers
We need to get another safety up in here that can murk people. I think he is the guy.

Can you believe we're actually going to be stocked at DB soon? Feels nice.