CanesInSight on The Bill King Show - 5/24

CanesInSight on The Bill King Show - 5/24

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

I joined The Bill King Show on Wednesday morning to talk Canes football. Listen below:


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Nice discussion. Looking forward to seeing what Perry can do against our defense in practice. Tired of the Sitkowski drama.

I just spit granola and diet coke all over the place. Is that Petey in your avatar?

What were those things doing in your mouth?

I had *** with your mom

Don't evade the question dad. What were granola and diet coke doing in your mouth?

LMAO- Granola & Diet Coke DAM SHORE AIN'T NO MIAMI THANG- Sounds more like some soft *** OREGON THANG-LOL
great job, Pete

I miss Bill King on Sirius, he was always fair to Miami