Canes WR's go in-depth on what Perry brings to the table

Canes WR's go in-depth on what Perry brings to the table

Stefan Adams
As redshirt freshman QB Jarren Williams nurses an ailing shoulder, sophomore QB N’Kosi Perry will make his first start of the season today against the #20 Virginia Cavaliers.

With a new gunslinger under center for this week’s game, some of the Hurricanes’ wide receivers gave their take on what Perry brings to the table and how the offense might be different with #5 calling the shots, beginning with senior KJ Osborn.

“It doesn’t change the offense too much,” Osborn said. “Just some of the tendencies - obviously Kosi can get out of the pocket, has tremendous arm strength, it changes with the scrambles. He kind of reminds me of my quarterback (at Buffalo), Tyree Jackson… But other than that, the offense is the offense.”

Coming in off the bench down 21-0 last week, Perry led the Hurricanes all the way back to tie the game in the 4th quarter before the UM defense ceded a game-winning touchdown to the Virginia Tech Hokies. While Perry wasn’t able to leave the field with a win, he was able to gain his teammates’ confidence that he will never give up, even when faced with a steep deficit.

“What I saw on the sideline was his leadership,” Osborn said. “I saw him talking to guys even down 21-0, 28-0. When he got in there, he was so positive on the sideline, telling guys `We’ve got it, keep your head up, we’re going to be fine.’… That made me feel confident.”

**Sophomore receiver Mark Pope gave his thoughts on Perry after he heard the news, saying it’s important the team stays focused and comes away with a key division victory against UVA.

“We hope N’Kosi will do what he has to do, and we’ll help him do what he has to do,” Pope said. “It’s important for us to get a win.”

Working with Perry last week, Pope caught his first career TD pass against the Hokies on a crazy Hail Mary catch that was tipped to him as the clock ran out in the first half.

“They took Jeff (Thomas) out, coach told me to get in - Kosi said `Just take off,’ so I took off,” Pope said. “I was supposed to be behind Will (Mallory) but there were too many big guys, so I went to the front and the ball got there - I just caught it. I was really excited.”

Pope sat out the game prior vs. Central Michigan with a turf toe injury, and it’s something that could nag him the rest of the season.

“The toe is still tender, but I’m just playing through it,” Pope said. “I go to treatment every day, just treat it, go out and play.”

**Sophomore WR Dee Wiggins sees Perry as a player that has matured a lot in the past year since multiple public missteps had some questioning his desire to be an elite level QB.

“He’s been a great leader, a teammate - whenever someone makes a mistake he cracks down on us,” Wiggins said. “He’s been a leader, making sure he’s putting the team on his back.”

With Williams not quite 100%, Wiggins felt that starting Perry was the right move to give UM the best odds of topping the Cavaliers.

“It gives us a better opportunity to win,” Wiggins said. “All our quarterbacks are great - Jarren Williams is great with his arm strength and accuracy. So is Kosi too. He’s just going into the game with a new opportunity to win.”

How did he and the team take the news when they were informed about Perry getting the starting nod?

“It was a great reaction, everyone cheered him on,” Wiggins said. “I told him ‘Let’s go, put this team on your back, control what you can control.’”

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The QB I want is the QB who will
Get the ball to Pope and Jeff Thomas.

I thought Perry looked really good last week. There were a few throws where if he just leads the WRs a little more outside it’s a big catch but instead it’s to close the defender and they were able To break up the play.

Perry is a gunslinger he’s going to throw some dangerous passes but there are rewards to that as well.

But regardless of the QB because all of these guys are talented. It’s about Dan Enos. Is he willing to pass to setup the run?
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I love it when the team plays with confidence. Then everything is possible.

Let's see how he does not having to play from behind.

I wish him the best
I know they want to fill the time before the game, but it's just more random sounds to be. I'm not buying any hype about anyone.
Lost me when Wiggins talked about Jarren's arm strength.
Nice to hear about Perry's leadership.

If we're going to lose, let's lose with a guy who acts like he wants to be there.
And "fans" hate this dude and wanted to run him off. He aint never tried to transfer and didn't act like a lil bìtch and take a day off from practice after he didn't win the job. Dude just shut up and went to work on and off the field.
"The offense is the offense."

Some of us better get ready to throw things at the TV cause Kosi WILL be under center running PA after PA. The spread ain't happening unless we are down 28 points again.

What kills me is that we statistically run nearly just as much PA from under center as we go with actual running plays. That is terrible because it means that defenses aren't biting as hard on the PA under center as they normally would which makes it less effective. Also, because our OL is bad, defenses feel they can stop both the run and pass, by selling out on penetration up front. So being under center is actually making it harder for the offense because the DBs are comfortable waiting back for the pass and the DL is just blowing up the field because there's no threat of a counter or a trap play, etc. and they know that the OL is trash... so they feel confident in a positive result (TFL, sack, holding penalty) by just shooting upfield with reckless abandon.

How Enos didn't see that and adjust after 2 or 3 games is very worrisome. Nothing wrong with being demanding as a coach (I actually prefer this mentality), but you also have to be willing to adapt your scheme to highlight the strengths of your personnel. If you're not doing that, you're failing as coach.
And "fans" hate this dude and wanted to run him off. He aint never tried to transfer and didn't act like a lil bìtch and take a day off from practice after he didn't win the job. Dude just shut up and went to work on and off the field.

Whereas, didn't JW consider leaving the program after Richt retired?