Canes opening weekend rotation

Canes opening weekend rotation

We are just a few days away from opening night at Mark Light. Miami will take on Rutgers in a 4-game series that includes a double header on Saturday. The weekend rotation has been set and it includes several surprises.

Game One: Andrew Suarez. To no surprise, Suarez will get the opening game start. Suarez turned double the MLB as a second round pick and is poised to be one of the best pitchers in the nation.

Game Two: Thomas Woodrey. This is where the surprise starts. Woodrey was a key cog in the bullpen last season for the Canes and there was much talk about whether he would make the jump to the rotation or if he would stay in that middle relief spot. The strike throwing lefty certainly looked good in the ‘pen last season and it will be interesting to see if he makes the transition to the rotation. He has started in his time at Miami but only in a midweek role.

Game Three: Enrique Sosa. Last season Sosa only threw 15.1 innings. He finished with a 7.04 ERA and had command issues much of his time on the mound. He did have 14 strikeouts in those 15 innings. If Sosa can cut down on the walks (he had 11 in the 15.1 innings) then I do think he has the ability to become a solid weekend pitcher.

Game Four: Danny Garcia. Garcia threw 20 innings last year, including some midweek starts. He finished with a 6.30 ERA. Like Sosa, Garcia got wild at times. However he did strikeout 18 batters in 20 innings. When you watch Garcia throw you can tell that he has the chance to become a strikeout type pitcher. Whether or not he pans out is certainly the question.

The mystery is Derik Beauprez, who seemed to be set up perfectly to join the rotation after the departures of Chris Diaz and Bryan Radziewski. It could be an injury that is holding him out or maybe the coaches feel that he is not quite ready. We know that Morris likes to get guys work this early so hopefully the freshmen will get work as well. Canes travel to Gainesville next weekend and the pitching will need to be sharp.

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That rotation is very worrisome minus suarez
Our solid defense and offense will offset any let down on the mound. Can't walk people!
It looks like it could be one of the weaker rotations we've had in quite a while.
Like most um sports these days this is a flawed team with a lot of frontline talent but not very deep and will decline as the season progresses
I honestly disagree addict. I think this is the deepest team in many, many years and the arms they have available are all top-notch.

It's possible they simply wanted to save Beauprez for a weekday rotation spot. It will be unusual to need give starters most weeks, so I doubt Bryan Garcia stays in the rotation. Sosa has outstanding stuff, but it will really come down to his walk rate. Woodrey had a legitimately good year last year.

Adding the freshmen arms to Honiotes gives us several guys who throw 90's and can strike guys out. Perhaps the plan is to have more hard throwers go all-out for one inning and just shorten games. In the lineup we are way deeper than previous years.

This is a good Miami team. A very good team even.
Hitting, baserunning, fielding and pitching depth are the only problems.