Canes Edge Eagles On The Road

Canes Edge Eagles On The Road



A very clutch defensive performance almost turned into a meltdown of epic proportions as The Miami Hurricanes (13-3, 4-0) barely edged the Boston College Golden Eagles (9-8, 1-3) in Chestnut Hill. It was a very sloppily played game by The Canes, and free throws werent being made until the most crucial point of the game. Durand Scott, a 68% ft shooter on the year hit 4 late and very clutch free throws that gave the Hurricanes a 3 point lead with 10 seconds to go in the game. Sealed it, right? Well, not really. As BC scrambled to try to just get off a final shot, Olivier Hanlin was fouled on a three point shot. If he made all 3 free throws, it would have pushed the game in to overtime. He barely rattled in the first one, same with the second, before missing short on the final free throw of the game that gave the Canes their first 4-0 start in ACC play in the history of the program. It was ugly, but dammit, it was a road conference win.



Durand Scott had an off night but came up with a clutch steal at the end of the game and hit the free throws to ice it. Scott was also the one who fouled Hanlin on the final 3 pointer. He had 15 points and 2 steals.

Kenny Kadji is a star in my eyes. He hits big shots every single game. 14 points 5 boards.

TMJ chipped in 11 while Larkin had an overall decent night with 7 points, 6 rebs, 5 assists.



Olivier Hanlan had 17.

Lonnie Jackson had 16.

The Hurricanes are off for a week as they prepare for a tough test against #3 Duke at the Bank United Center in Miami, Florida one week from tonight, on January 23rd. Duke has 1 loss and they just got it against a game NCST team. This one is bound to be sold out. And if your reading this, and you live within 2 hours of campus, you should be there too.

The Miami Hurricanes have no taken sole possession of 1st place in the ACC with a #1 strength of schedule in the country. Its going to be a special year, especially if we can get a game Reggie Johnson back for the ACC tournament.

Didnt think I was going to get to say it this time buttttttttttt....



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wasnt pretty but I will take it. 2 games in a row playing like crap though.
huge win regardless of what we won by or who the opponent was. an ACC road game is so tough.
Yup, absolutely crucial to win these games no matter what. Great job by the team for overcoming ****** game play throughout and being clutch in the end.
Yup, absolutely crucial to win these games no matter what. Great job by the team for overcoming ****** game play throughout and being clutch in the end.

having a good coach and a veteran team will be the defense in these close games. if we are going to learn how to win the close ones at the end id rather it be against the weaker teams first.
I told y'all it wouldn't be easy. I think my stomach just settled and my heart just stopped racing. A win is a win is a win, and **** it feels good to be 13-3, 4-0.
This could very well be the best hurricanes team ever when it's all said and done which is pretty amazing considering what they have been through this year.
Like you said, wasnt easy but we got the W.
The pull up jumper TMJ had at the end was the first time Ive seen him go left all year.
Durand looks like he sure could use the week off.
JG hardly played....?

Going to be the craziest Canes game I have ever been to. Even talks of maybe students starting to line up during the day....that **** just don't happen in the Gables.
Just watched the replay.

KK and TMJ were big. TMJ in the second half. I really like his sweet shot. When he's on he's on.

BC took away much of the dribble penetration. Although DS abdomen injury helped.

God Lord Rion Brown is back to missing everything.

Even the replay was scary. Good teams find ways to win.
We were in the top-10 in the country in least amount of fouls going into this game, but it was inevitable we would run into a whistle-happy crew.

Game was not only called unevenly, but the multitude of fouls take all flow out of the game, makes it harder on the players, and you can end up with an ugly game like that.

Important thing is we fought through it, and got the win.