Canes DC Manny Diaz will not accept excuses

Canes DC Manny Diaz will not accept excuses

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
It looks like the Hurricanes could start three true freshmen at linebacker and are getting thinner by the day at defensive end, but Miami defensive coordinator Manny Diaz has his defense reared up and ready to go regardless of the situation.

“Their expectation is that they play fast, they play tough, and that they play physical. Everything else will work out,” Diaz said. “I want people in the stands to cheer for a defense that is running as hard as they possibly can to the football and then they hit as hard as they can when they get there.”

With Miami losing two projected starters in Jermaine Grace and Al-quadin Muhammad, Diaz is preaching that now is the time for the Canes to battle. He said that every team in football faces adversity and added, “But why would that ever change the standard of playing fast, tough, and physical – it doesn’t.”

When asked if the defense will need to be simplified now with less experience on the front line, Diaz was almost offended at the question.

“You don’t want your defense playing passively. That’s a fine line. If you simplify things, you might make it easier to play against,” Diaz said.

Miami’s defensive coordinator was adamant in his stance that the Hurricanes can endure the losses of AQM and Grace. Diaz even asked the media multiple times, “What’s changed? What’s changed?” A couple reporters responded, “experience”, “depth”, to which he said, “It hasn’t changed. We’re playing young guys. We’ve talked about it every week that we’re going to play young guys.”

“It might put other guys in position to get more snaps than before, but again, everything is an excuse for me to not play my best. Eleven guys will be out there all with the ‘U’ on the side of their head and they have to play their best,” Diaz said.

Diaz’s message was best summarized in this one statement.

“If everybody just does their job in a violent manner, we’re going to be pleased with the outcome,” he said.

Diaz added, “That’s the message to the team – I’m not just giving that to y’all.”

Leadership is a term that tends to be lightly thrown around by the media when discussing players on the team. Diaz is not so much concerned with how vocal a player is, but would rather like to see their play on the field set the tone.

“We need them to lead with their play. If Chad (Thomas) just fires off that ball and plays 100 MPH, that’s the leadership Chad can give us right now. Then everything else will come after that,” he said.

What is the importance of Saturday night’s opener against FAMU?

“I want to find out about us,” Diaz said. “I just want to see our guys go play. It’s not about scheme and this and that and the other. I just want to see who are our best players. I want to see who can play fast and who can make a play. I want to see who can process on game day when everything moves a little faster.”

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If everyone does their job in a violent manner!!!! My god I love him already lol.
Sounds like a famu player is gonna get his head knocked off this weekend
Hey OP...learn Enlish, ****lord.

So we have

“If everybody just does their job in a violent manner" and "When we hunt we have to hunt in packs"

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Very good.

For all the talk about injuries, is there any team that doesn't lose players to injury?
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